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Canine Chaos: Brazilian Priest is Interrupted by Frisky Dogs During Service

During a Catholic church service in Juiz de Fora, Brazil, two playful stray dogs interrupted the sermon and stole the show.

Canine Chaos: Brazilian Priest Interrupted by Frisky Dogs During Service

The incident was captured on video and later shared by the bemused priest, Father Pierre MaurĂ­cio, who was conducting the service at the Santa Rita Church. 

As Father Pierre spoke about the role of the church during the carnival season, the two dogs made their way to the front of the church and playfully began to fight and jump around his feet. To the amusement of the congregation, one of the dogs proceeded to mount the other in full view of the faithful. 

Despite trying to keep a straight face, Father Pierre couldn't help but find the humor in the situation and joked with the dogs, telling them to go to the woods.

“They haven't been baptised yet, it's not possible,” Father Pierre jokes.

As churchgoers chuckle, he continues: “What's going on? Oh my God. Beloved Jesus. I've just realised that they haven't been baptised.”

“My children, you can't do that here. Go to the woods,” he tells the playful pair.

The incident ended with a heartwarming twist when the priest revealed he had adopted the two strays. 

He posted a selfie on Instagram with the two dogs under his arm and shared that he was already a dog lover with a sweet French bulldog. The video of the strays has gained over 23,000 views and hundreds of comments.

One follower, Sara Guerra, laughed at it, saying: “These things only happen to you, Father Pierre.”

In an interview with local media, Father Pierre shared that he felt it was his duty to care for the dogs after they had entered the church during the service. He stated that he had always been an animal lover and felt that it was important to show compassion to all creatures great and small.

The incident has also highlighted the issue of stray animals in Brazil and the need for greater care and support for these vulnerable creatures. Many animal welfare organizations have praised Father Pierre's actions and urged others to follow his example by adopting and caring for stray animals in their communities.

Despite the interruption to the church service, the playful antics of the two dogs brought a moment of joy and laughter to the congregation, reminding them of the importance of compassion, love, and kindness in their daily lives.