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About Us

Back in 2014 while I was watching morning Joe reports on MSNBC, I came across the headline: The Growing Threat Of Invasive Species.

I was shocked when one of the panellists said that the growing number of invasive species has cost the United States over $100 billion in damages.

One of the invasive species mentioned was the Burmese Python that might have been introduced into the United States by exotic pet keepers.

According to the reports, these pythons have gone out of control and are in the Everglades competing with local fauna, almost driving some of the rare animal species to extinction.

It was as if there was a clash between exotic pets, wildlife and humans. So, immediately after the programme, I wondered how I can make changes that will benefit humans, wildlife, pets and the environment. That was when Trojanpost was born.

Will exotic pets save wildlife? Or will they be their downfall? My name is Nsima Mbat, and as a staunch animal lover who believes in peaceful coexistence of humans and animals and our abilities to prevent clashes between exotic pets and wildlife, I always imagine a world where animals will be properly cared for, so that they can live happily in their homes.

After spending years studying Zoology, Animal Behaviour and working with pet parents, I’ve developed an obsession with saving wildlife from invasive exotic pet species.

I publish exclusive information tailor-made for animals and pets of all ages, breeds, and sizes using compelling stories, latest news and tips about pets, animals and products around the world.

I also offer 100% force-free solution that tackle the root cause of your pet's behaviour problems using cutting-edge pet training science techniques.

I hope to inspire and help you train and care for your pets so that together we can build a world where our wildlife are protected, while we enjoy spending time with our companion animals without causing harm to ourselves or the environment.

I hope you will join me so that we can be smarter in leaving a long lasting impact on the universe.

If you would like to join me, don't hesitate to reach out to me via [email protected]

I would love the privilege of working with you, coaching and serving you and your pets.