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Deadly puffer fish is found on Cornwall beach

A dead fish spotted on a beach in Cornwall has been identified as a highly venomous oceanic pufferfish. Constance Morris from Penzance, discovered the unusual find when she spotted some gulls pecking at a fish on Towan Beach while on a family holiday in Newquay. Being someone who records dead marine animals for Cornwall Wildlife Trust's Marine Stranding Network, she felt she had to investigate. She told Cornwall Live : “As I walked up to the fish I instantly knew it was an unusual find - it's a bit under a foot, sliver back, flabby white underside, stubby face which concealed it's most noticeable feature, its beak. None of our local fish have beaks and they are usually found on things like coral-eating fish, so I knew it was something a bit more tropical.” “I didn’t know what this fish was, but I've found odd fish before and know these animals can be important and of interest to scientists, so being ever ready to scoop something unpleasant off the beach I bagged it up a

Great white shark photobombs epic photo of a surfer

A savvy photographer captured an unexpected, last-minute entry into a surf contest: a great white shark, terrifyingly close to a surfer. Jordan Anast, a California-based photographer, was taking pictures of the San Onofre Surf Club Contest when he captured the shocking image of the shark, seemingly just yards away from surfer Tyler Warren in the foreground. Anast took the remarkable photo on October 22 at around 11 a.m., he told CNN. At first, he didn’t realize exactly what he had captured. He had shot dolphins before “surfing in the water” and from afar, the animal looked like it might be another dolphin, he said. “I didn’t know until I looked closely after, and saw the structures of the fins,” he explained. Then he “realized it was a great white shark.” But he wasn’t alarmed by the discovery, he said. “They’re always out there, everywhere in California,” he said. He captured a total of six images of the great white shark breaching, he said. He attributed the once-in-a-lifetime shot t ad is banned by ASA for showing women as ‘subservient’ to men

A TikTok ad for the dating app has been banned by​ the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The ad which can be found here , tells the story of a girlfriend doting on her football-obsessed boyfriend.  The post from June featured a female voiceover reciting lines including: “Things that make him realize I’m a keeper – I will make him his protein shake after the gym,” “I always make sure he has a fresh towel and socks after his shower” and “I put the football on for him every evening”. The boyfriend in the story was on his phone, feet up on a footrest, as his girlfriend brought him drinks and kissed him. The ad was challenged for being sexist and for perpetuating negative gender stereotypes, which was upheld by the ASA. said the ad was intended to show how small gestures can make a successful relationship and that its agency had based the script on real couples. It added that the post was part of a three-part ad series that also showed the boyfriend’s gestures. In i

America's rarest snake dies while swallowing centipede: ‘We were all totally flabbergasted’

The rarest snake in North America spotted earlier this year in Florida has died. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the rim rock crowned snake died while trying to swallow a prey –  a giant centipede about a third of the snake's length. Researchers said they believe the size of the centipede cut off the snake's air supply at its widest part. Its venomous pincers attacked the inside of the snake, causing internal bleeding. “I was amazed when I first saw the photos,” Coleman Sheehy, the Florida Museum’s herpetology collection manager and author of the study said in a press release . “It’s extremely rare to find specimens that died while eating prey, and given how rare this species is, I would never have predicted finding something like this. We were all totally flabbergasted.” Scientists opted for CT scans instead of dissection to keep the snake as intact as possible for further study on the elusive species.  “We were able to perform a digital aut

Incredible! Rare ‘walking’ shark spotted on a beach wows scientists

A rare shark that can walk for up to 30 meters on dry land, and survive hypoxia for up to two hour has been sighted on a beach in Papua New Guinea. The fish known as epaulette shark or Hemiscyllium ocellatum uses its paddle shaped fins to walk on land like a sea lion. Forrest Galante, a conservationist and biologist who watched the rare footage showing the epaulette shark described the scene as “incredible”. “This is the first time in history one of the Papuan species of epaulettes has been documented walking,” he said. The footage was captured in May as part of Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week for an episode called “ Island of Walking Sharks ”. These types of sharks only grows to around 90cm and poses no real threat to humans. They are found along southern parts of Papua New Guinea and the northern stretches of Australia. Scientists believe they evolved this astonishing ability to walk because it enables them to survive increasingly hostile environments as conditions change.

Couple discover gold coins worth $290,000 hidden under a kitchen in their home

A couple uncovered an apparent nest egg of gold coins while renovating their kitchen in a small village in North Yorkshire. The unidentified couple discovered the relics in July 2019, when they uncovered a salt-glazed cup burrowed underneath the concrete and floorboards of their 18th century home in Ellerby, near the North Sea. This is one of the biggest stockpiles of 18th century English gold coins ever uncovered in Britain, according to London auction house Spink & Son. The soda can-sized cup contained more than 260 gold coins in it, Spink & Son said. The coins date from 1610 to 1727. In terms of value in today's money, the trove holds a spending power of about £100,000 (or $115,100). But the auctioneers expect the coins to sell for at least £250,000 (almost $290,000) next month, Spink & Son said. Almost all of the gold coins uncovered in the cup were English, but there was also one coin from Brazil, which experts believe circulated through England in the 1720s. Accor

‘It's like he was indirectly giving his opinion about my looks and using his dog as an excuse’: Woman cancels dinner date because her boyfriend claims his pet criticizes her appearance, sparking debate

In a viral post, a Redditor, Laura ( u/LauraJade2013 ) has shared her encounter at her new boyfriend's house after meeting with his dog for the first time. The 25-year-old woman said she's been dating her 31-year-old boyfriend, Michael, for four months, and had only ever seen his dog in pictures and videos. The plan was for her to go to Michael's house and cook dinner, where she could meet his dog at the same time. However, after the couple sat down to talk, she noticed his pet was moving around “in a funny way.” Michael laughed at this, and, feeling puzzled, she asked him what his dog was actually doing. It was then that things got weird. “Michael said that the dog was telling him about me. I was like 'ummm okay?' and then he flat out said that the dog thought I was 'ugly',” she recalled. “This shocked me completely. I looked at Michael and asked if he was serious. He started explaining that his dog is 'like that' with 'some' people and tha

Woman finds evidence of boyfriend's infidelity after paying attention to one overlooked red flag in the bedroom

A 22-year-old-woman says she uncovered her boyfriend's unfaithfulness while on holiday with his mates, with just one overlooked red flag in the bedroom. Pernille Torhov known as @pernille.torhov, shared the relationship issues recently on TikTok and her post has since gained over 700,000 views. In the video which can be found here , she claimed to have been in a relationship with her boyfriend for four months when he went away with friends in September 2021, but quickly grew suspicious after he returned. Given that they had been apart for a week, she was surprised when her boyfriend lasted longer in the bedroom than usual, which she regarded as a red flag. Pernille says she was “so in love” with her boyfriend, that she decided she was most likely overthinking things, and so initially decided to turn a “blind eye.” “I thought that the s€x wouldn't last that long since it had been a week since we last saw each other, but if anything, he lasted longer than usual in bed. Then I was

French rapper Timal is arrested for kicking dog in viral video

A French rapper was sent to jail on Wednesday after kicking his dog and posting the video to Snapchat, police say. Ruben Louis, popularly known as Timal, kicked one of his two dogs three times on the head and captioned the video “you moron”. Police, who were already familiar with Timal, 25, found him in Champs-sur-Marne and confiscated his two dogs, prosecutors in nearby Meaux said, adding that he faced charges of “cruelty towards a domestic animal”. Several animal rights groups, including France's oldest, the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) said they had filed complaints. It is not the first time a high-profile french national has been charged for animal cruelty, footballer Kurt Zouma was in June sentenced to 180 hours' community service by a British court for abusing his cat, which also came to light in a viral video. Timal became popular after his song ‘Filtre’ (Filter), recorded alongside fellow rapper Gazo, topped the charts in March this year. The song has be

Swordfish sighted in Isle of Man: ‘Something that you would never expect to see in a million years’

A swordfish has been sighted five miles off the coast of Isle of Man. The fish known for its long pointed bill is thought to be an indicator of rising sea temperatures. Jen Adams, a member of the charity Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch who managed to snap a few photographs of the fish on Saturday, told Daily Mail that swordfish are incredibly rare. “It was amazing to see and incredibly rare - something that you would never expect to see in a million years,” she told the outlet. The giantic 10ft long fish identified scientifically as Xiphias gladius , is known for its agility in water, reaching speeds of up to 22 miles per hour. Swordfish are thought to use their “sword” to slash and injure prey animals, rather than to spear small fish as is often assumed. They present no threat to humans and are listed as a near threatened species on the IUCN red list, mainly because of overfishing. It is believed there have only been five swordfish sightings ever in the British Isles, their rarity due t

Police raid Dogs Rock Rescue's property to find diseased dogs, canine skulls with bullet holes

Dogs Rock Rescue's property was raided by Heard County Sheriff officials investigating suspected case of animal cruelty and abuse. Police searched the Georgia animal shelter's building and arrested its ownerr, Wendy Brewer, after discovering dozens of animals living in deplorable conditions. Authorities said more than 200 dogs were found at the property. Brewer was charged with two counts of felony aggravated animal cruelty and two misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty and abandonment. Officers described dead dogs, dogs experiencing malnutrition and dehydration, and diseased dogs living in horrendous conditions. "While we were out there, they observed what they said was a vulture that swooped down and grabbed hold of a puppy and tried to take off with it" Heard County Sheriff's Lt. Dan Boswell said. "So the animal control officer and code enforcement intervened to protect the animal. While they were out there they saw some conditions that were unfavorable for

‘I see a lot of injuries from all of these things’: Vet reveals dos and don'ts for dog owners

Let's cut to the chase: Dog raising is hard. After all, there are so many things you should and should not do with your dogs. From letting them lick your face to throwing sticks at them, it's kind of hard to know all of them. Thankfully, a vet has explained some of these rules of behaviour. Talking to his 10.6k followers on TikTok, the vet Jamie Lam – who goes by the username @jglam6 – said: “I’m Jamie and I’m a vet and here’s my five things I wouldn’t do with my dog .” Don't Let Your Dog Lick Your Face “I would not let Otis lick my face.” “Dogs have a lot of bacteria in their mouths and it can even give us things like roundworm and tapeworm, so definitely no licking of the face,” Lam advised. Don't Feed Your Dog From The Table  “I wouldn’t feed him food from the table.” “Although they may like it and even love it, it can encourage begging behaviour which can be very frustrating for people at home, and pet obesity is one of the biggest things that we struggle with in

‘Are we going to drain every lake when we spot gars there?’: Expert asks if search for ‘monster’ alligator gar fish is worth it

Alligator gars have always posed a threat to local ecosystems because of its voracious appetite. According to experts, the torpedo-shaped freshwater fish with razor-sharp teeth has few predators and may attack humans if it feels threatened, though such incidents are “extremely rare.” Despite a week long search for a monster alligator gar that eluded capture since mid-July in a landlocked central Chinese city of Ruzhou, the search team said that they would drain the entire lake and enter the large water pipe to hunt the creature. Numerous Chinese TikTok influencers who swarmed to the site for the glimpse of the fish have made jokes about the exercise which was livestreamed to more than 37 million viewers by the state-run tabloid Chutian Metropolis Daily; however, Gu Dangen, an aquatic ecosystems expert who works with the Pearl River Fisheries Research Institute, asked if it was worth draining the lake for one fish. “When a gar gets released into a river, lake or fish farm here, it will

Woman is groped and kissed by Orangutan after he approached her in a Zoo

A young woman who visited a zoo in Thailand received the shock of her life when an overly-friendly orangutan took the bold step to grope and kiss her. Angel Orangelor, 27, was on a tour to the zoo on August 15, when the primate placed its hands on her cleavage then pulled her towards himself before planting a kiss on her cheek. The great ape then flashed a toothy grin to amused tourists while posing in front of his charge's friends. Angel, who was visiting the park while on holiday, said: “The orangutan was just trying to show me some love. He looked very cute. He didn't hurt me and he was being friendly.” “My friends thought it was funny. We had a real bond.” Angel was visiting the Bangkok's Safari World on a trip with friends when the incident happened. Her friend Fran said: “The last moment where you're looking at him and he was sticking out his tongue, is so precious.” Another pal added: “He knows he can't get into trouble for doing this, that's why he's

Three Dead As Two Planes Crashed Into Each Other And Kill A Dog In Rural Central California

Two small planes crashed into each other near the town of Watsonville last Thursday, killing three people and a dog . The crash happened close to Watsonville Municipal Airport. The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office identified the victims as Carl Kruppa, 75, Nannette Plett-Kruppa, 67, and Stuart Camenson, 32. “Our hearts are with these families during this tragic time,” the sheriff’s office stated. Kruppa and Plett-Kruppa were from Winton, while Camenson was from Santa Cruz. Authorities have not officially determined who was flying in which plane. Camenson graduated from UC Santa Cruz and worked at the school’s IT department. He was flying solo that day in a Cessna 152 and practicing touch-and-go landings during the collision, KSBW reported. Kruppa was a member of a four-generation farming family in California’s Merced County. Witnesses of the deadly crash noted that Kruppa may have been coming in too fast for his landing. He was registered to pilot both single and multiengine planes

Woman is shocked to find three mysterious animals cuddled up in her dog's bed

A woman was shocked to discover three cute little visitors snuggled together in her dog’s bed. Emma Jane Kidd had stooped down to get a better look at the bed belonging to her dog , Merlin, when she saw three frightened babies using the bed as a warm, safe place to avoid the winds raging outside. The woman soon discovered that the animals are quendas, also known as southern brown bandicoots, a marsupial native to southwestern and southern Australia. Startled by Kidd and her dog investigating the bed, the mother quenda dashed away, leaving her month-old babies all alone. Kidd quickly called the Darling Range Wildlife Shelter for help, and, soon enough, the babies were in good hands. “Quendas commonly live in yards and local bushlands,” a representative from Darling Range Wildlife Shelter told The Dodo . “It's not unusual to see them if you live in the hills. But these quendas making a nest in a dog's bed on the house veranda is very unusual.” The shelter posted about the surpri

Boy Finds Giant Tooth From Prehistoric Shark After Fossil-hunting For Many Years

An eight-year-old boy in Pennsylvania has discovered a giant tooth from prehistoric shark while fossil-hunting in South Carolina. Riley Gracely was digging through gravel and dirt with his family at Myrtle beach when he found a giant shark tooth from a long-extinct species. He found the giant tooth from shark that lived 22 million years ago while at Palmetto Fossil Excursions, an educational fossil-hunting expedition facility in Summerville where his parents, Justin and Janelle, took him and his brother, Collin. Riley's father told Fox news that they've been searching for the treasures for many years even before their son could walk. “We vacation in Myrtle Beach every summer, so from the time that Riley and his brother Collin could walk, we’ve been into searching for these treasures on the beach.” The company confirmed Riley found a 4.75″ Angustiden tooth and shared pictures of the rarity in a Facebook post . “Just to give perspective, any Angustiden over 4″ is the equivalent

Dog Trainer Reveals Eight Best Breeds For Owners With Kids

Anyone who has ever had dogs will tell you, it is absolutely not easy to choose the perfect breed for homes with kids. Unfortunately, sometimes it's complicated – no matter how many people we ask for guidance. But while we can't easily get the right answers from people who have little experience with dogs, there are some experts we can turn to while searching for the perfect breed for families with kids. Dog trainer ( @southenddogtraining1 ) has taken to TikTok to reveal the eight best breeds for owners with kids. Sharing a clip on the social media platform, @southenddogtraining1 revealed the eight breeds he would recommend for families. First up, the expert recommends Golden Retrievers as the best breed for people with kids. The dog trainer says: “Probably the friendliest, most sociable dog on the planet, fantastic with children.” “Very soft, very gentle, but is also active enough that you can go away on holidays, trips to the beach etc.” He then revealed his other top canine

‘Consider Whether You Are Planning On Travelling Or Having A Baby In The Future’: Vets Expose How To Choose The Perfect Dog Breed

Some owners who wrongly acquired their dogs during the pandemic are dumping them on the street right now. While those who adopted their dogs based on impulses are abandoning them, the same can't be said about those who took the time to choose the perfect dog breed. In order to help prospective dog owners in their choices, two of Australia's top vets have revealed the clever way to choose the dog breed that will suit your home and lifestyle. The latest advice comes from Dr Lisa Chimes and Dr Tim Montgomery. Dr Lisa, an emergency and critical care vet at Small Animal Specialist Hospital in Sydney, explained that getting a dog is not a decision to be taken lightly and there are many factors that should be taken into consideration before choosing one. “As a dog owner myself, I can tell you that dogs take up a lot of time and money. They will need daily - if not twice daily - walks, food, play time, grooming and trips to the vet,” Dr Lisa told FEMAIL . “Dogs can cost up to $30,000

Meet Harvey: The Gorgeous ‘Two-headed’ Kitten Looking Like Character In ‘The Batman’

Meet Harvey, a rare kitten born in Arkansas with two heads. Harvey was noticed by the owner, Ariel Contreras, who had her hands full with a new litter of kittens. Just like the character in the batman series, the kitten has two distinct faces, hence the name. There is something quite unusual about Harvey's appearance as he may be what is known as Janus cat, a rare genetic mutation caused by excess protein production while in the womb. But his condition didn't deter Contreras from accepting the gorgeous kitten into her family. In fact, she welcomed him with an open arms. Contreras who is excited about the birth of the rare kitten told KYTV : “I went to go do laundry, I'd seen my cat was like meowing and then all of the sudden babies started coming out and I started hollering for my husband.” “This is the second one. And so whenever he came out, my husband said, 'honey, he has two heads,' and I went 'no way!” According to Dr. Tim Addis of Alley Cat Animal Rescue i

‘I Really Missed My Time To Shine’: Marine Biologist Regrets Being Absent When Seal Breaks Into New Zealand Home To Traumatize Pet Cat

A marine biologist has said it was unfortunate he was the only one not home at a time when a curious seal broke into their New Zealand apartment to harass the resident cat. Phil Ross of Mt Maunganui, said: “The big joke is that this is really the only family emergency where it would be useful to have a marine biologist in the house.” “I really missed my time to shine.” The marine biologist was reacting to an incident in which a young seal found its way into their home, which is about 150m from the shore, hanging about in the hallway for a couple of hours while the children slept upstairs. Ross said his wife, Jenn, rose just before 6am on Wednesday to go to the gym. “As she got in the car, something barked from underneath and shuffled away. She thought it was someone’s dog … and didn’t really think too much of it.” She returned around 7am, opening the door to find “a cute little seal”. “It got a bit of a fright and humped its way down the hallway into the spare room.” Ross said the seal

Chinese Teacher Who Was Sacked After Cat Appeared In Online Class Gets $6000 Compensation

A Chinese art teacher who was fired last year over a cat's appearance in her online class has won 40,000 yuan ($6,000) in an unfair dismissal case. The instructor known only as Luo was on a livestream when her pet cat jumped into the camera's view five times. The education tech company that ran the virtual classes fired Lou, citing the feline's sudden appearances on screen as a reason. The company said Luo had taken part in “non-teaching” activities during class, and was also 10 minutes late to a previous class, Guangzhou Daily reported. Luo appealed the decision in arbitration. But the company refused to accept the order that it compensate the teacher for unfair dismissal and contested it in court, according to the news report. Ruling on the case, Judge Liao Yajing from the Guangzhou Tianhe People's Court said that if employers require their staff to work from home, they should not have the same expectations as if they were working in an office, the Central Radio Netwo

The Most Popular Dog Breeds In Australia 2022

Scratch has unleashed its annual list of the most popular dog breeds in Australia after surveying almost 13,000 dog owners in the country. Each year, Scratch, an Australian company dedicated to offering high-quality dog food at reasonable prices, carry out what it calls the Great Australian Dog Survey using data obtained from dog owners. This year, Cavoodle (Poodle cross with Cavalier King Charles) was joined by Labrador Retriever, Greyhound, and Border Collie in the top spots. Top ten most popular dog breeds in Australia  Cavoodle Labrador Retriever Greyhound Border Collie Golden Retriever Goldendoodle Labradoodle German Shepherd English Staffordshire Bull Terrier French Bulldog However, there were some shake-ups in the rankings. Border Collies fell from third to become the fourth most loved dog breed in the country, while Golden Retrievers stayed at number five since the last survey. Poodle mix breeds dominated the top ten with Goldendoodles and Labradoodles coming in at number six

Woman Designs A Custom Aquarium For Her Cat Who Loves Watching Fish

A woman has helped her fish-loving cat to experience the next closest thing by designing a custom aquarium for the feline. TikTok user Melissa Krieger @jasperthecatfish shared her ingenuity in a video, showing how she designed an aquarium to help their cat, Jasper, who loves to sit and watch colourful scaly fish at home outside their fish tank — hardly an immersive experience. The Tiktoker ordered a custom aquarium to be made with an underwater nook at the bottom so that Jasper could get a 360 degree view of all his fish friends. Luckily, the fish in the tank don't really seem to mind Jasper peering in on them from within the custom tank. But Jasper clearly loves it. The video which can be found HERE has been viewed more than six hundred times and has received many comments from delighted viewers. “Well, now he has to share,” one person wrote, while another added: “The green eyed Billie”. Tiktok user @jasperthecatfish didn't have to go to the trouble of ordering a special aqua

Cat Interaction Acronym: Three Tips From Experts

Interacting with your cat is not easy — and with the paucity of information on how to teach a cat how to talk, it's never been a better time to share the best tips. A team at a leading animal welfare charity, Battersea, in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University and Dr Lauren Finka have shared the best advice on how to interact with your cat. Understanding exactly what your cat is thinking is a real headache for millions of owners — but why is interaction such a difficult task? The main reason is that scientists are yet to work out a way to teach cats how to talk. Besides, cats do give signals as to how they’re feeling, as well as what they’d like and what they don’t, but it might not be obvious to the untrained eye. So if you’re looking for the best ways to interact with your cat, ensuring that they’re happy and comfortable, then you’ll want to follow the aptly-named C.A.T. acronym – which stands for Choice, Attention, Touch. According to Bridie Williams, rehoming and welfa