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Men With Dogs In Their Dating App Pics Are ‘More Likely To Settle Down’

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Lamprey Sighted In Margaret River After 20-year Search

You may not have seen them before, but somewhere in Western Australia, an eel-like creature called lamprey has been sighted in Margaret river after a 20-year search. Sean Blocksidge who has spent nearly two decades hoping to spot a rare and unique aquatic animal stumbled upon the jawless, eel-like creature this week. Blocksidge compared the long years he spent searching for a lamprey to searching for a yeti or a lochness monster. He runs a tour company and was leading guests along the river edge when he spotted the lampreys in broad daylight.  “I know this spot fairly well … a couple of lizards come and visit us pretty regularly,” Blocksidge said. “And I looked down in the water, I was going to try and point out where some marron might be, and I was like, ‘What the hell's that thing?’” “Is that a weird stick? Is that lamprey? Please tell me that's a lamprey!” The long blue tube did indeed turn out to be one of these extraordinary aquatic species that ordinarily forage at night.

Dog Bought Online for £1,500 Kills Woman's Brother, Attacks Husband on Day of Funeral

A woman in Colchester has been thrown into mourning after a pet dog brought tragedy to her family, as its bites first killed her brother and then caused her husband's legs to be amputated. According to Newsweek , Barry Harris, 46, bought the 15-month-old Akita named Ted from a private Facebook seller for £1,500 in London on May this year. It was not the severity of Ted's bites, however, that caused the injuries. Rather, it was the deadly bacteria crawling inside the dog's mouth—which was introduced to the victims' systems via his relatively mild bites—that led to their infections. The 62-year-old Pauline Day—the sister of Harris—described Ted the dog as a “big softie” and a “giant teddy bear,” according to Wales Online . Less than six weeks after Harris brought Ted home, however, the dog bit his owner on the arm. Harris had reportedly been trying to retrieve an animal bone from Ted's mouth at the time of the incident. Soon after, the bite became swollen and he deve

Dog Owners Could Face Jail In UK For Feeding Pets Vegetarian Diets

UK Animal Welfare Act 2006, required pet owners to feed their dog a “suitable diet”, which means that you could get prosecuted if it is deemed you are not doing so. The Blue Cross outlines all the pieces of legislation that apply to dog owners in Britain and explains that UK dog owners have a legal duty to provide for their pet's welfare needs. Under section nine of the act, all domestic animals have the legal right to: live in a suitable environment; eat a suitable diet; exhibit normal behaviour patterns; be housed with, or apart from, other animals; be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease. Although the guidelines do not specifically mention vegan or vegetarian diets, it does explain that any diet, from wet food or raw food to dry kibble, should “meet all of your dog’s nutritional needs”. Dog owners who switch up their animals traditional diet to plant-based meals could face fines of up to £20,000 and a jail sentence of 51 weeks. They could also have their pets taken

Man Catches 500 Pounds Hammerhead Shark In Pender County

A North Carolina man caught 500 pounds hammerhead shark during a recent fishing trip. Blake Cochran, a paramedic, made the massive catch during a stormy day near North Topsail Beach in Pender County. “It’s almost like catfishing from the beach,” Cochran told WSOC . “It’s kind of like what it is. You sit and wait after you take your bait out, and all of a sudden that reel started screaming. It was like being hooked to a car.” The shark measured 13 feet, 6 inches long, and was estimated to weigh between 500-700 pounds. “The biggest shark I’ve caught up to this point was like 4 feet, and this one, when I pulled it in, it was insane,” he told WSOC. The paramedic posed for a quick photo and then quickly helped to get the huge fish back into the ocean. Hammerhead sharks typically weigh between 500 and 1,000 pounds, and measure between 13 and 20 feet, according to National Geographic . Pender County is located in southeastern North Carolina and is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean and New Hanover

Pregnant Circus Trainer Is Mauled By ‘Jealous’ Brown Bear In Front Of Screaming Children

A pregnant pregnant circus trainer was left bloodied and bruised after a brown bear suddenly attacked her during a packed performance full of children and parents at a Russian circus. The woman was taken to the ground by the performing predator as two men fought with the animal to pull it clear. A witness said the male bear did not back off despite multiple "blows with a whip". The terrifying ordeal started during an act in the ring involving two bears and two trainers at a crowded circus. The injured trainer suffered bruises and cuts but thankfully her unborn child was not harmed. She claimed that the bear could have attacked her because she was pregnant. The bloodied circus performer was rushed to hospital after the horrifying incident in the city of Oryol, in western Russia. “I literally have two scratches and a slight bruise on my leg,” she said. “With the animal, too, everything is fine, and my baby, all is normal.” The unnamed trainer added: “Perhaps it was jealousy to

6 Reasons Why Dog Shoe That Looks Like Croc Is Breaking The Internet Right Now

Croc-style dog shoe has quickly risen to fame since its release and is on track to be the new sensation on social networks. But what's the hype around Geharty’s dog shoe? While these ‘Dog Crocs’, Crocs-type shoes for dogs may appear to offer protection to your dog's paws, they're actually made just for fun and are not meant to be worn out on walks or running around the backyard. Because of the way they enhance dog’s paws and make them perfect for social media photos that everyone will like, some pet owners may find it difficult to know why these adorable products are breaking the internet. Luckily for you, I have rounded up the reasons below. So keep reading before buying one for your dog. 1. Croc Shoes Are Downright Comfortable And Functional Beautifying a dog's paws isn't the only reason why this dog shoe is imploding on the internet right now. Crocs are perhaps the most comfortable type of shoes for humans and these croc-style shoes for dogs are made with materia

Porn Star Emily Willis Files Defamation Suit Over Competitors’ Dog-sex Video Tweets

An adult film actress has filed a defamation lawsuit against two industry rivals who claimed she was filmed engaging in sex acts with a dog. Emily Willis, whose real name is Litzy Lara Banulos, alleges in her suit filed against Gianna Dior and Adria Rae that the women tanked her future career prospects by falsely accusing her of taking part in the bestiality video on social media. “There was considerable rumour, speculation and innuendo about the identities of the performers within the industry, including on social media,” says Willis’ suit, which was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday. “It was a scandal, and a highly salient one, with obvious potential to destroy careers.” Dior, whose real name is Emily Katherine Correro, and Rae, whose actual name is Kiersten Vanbelkum, allegedly both tweeted that Willis was one of the women featured in the video making the rounds online. Gianna Dior The suit alleged that the women “had much to gain” by drawing Willis into the scandal. Wi

Fisherman Hooks 39.5 Pounds Prehistoric Fish Dating Back Nearly 100 Million Years

A fisherman has shared the story of a 39.5-pound prehistoric fish he hooked while out on the Neosho River in southeast Kansas, last month. Danny “Butch” Smith II of Oswego was tossing a line in the water when he made an unexpected catch — an Alligator Gar. According to officials of the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks , investigation on how the fish, called a “living fossil” got into the Neosho River in southeast Kansas, is ongoing. Smith who landed the fish, a 4-foot, 6-inch alligator gar, weighing 39.5 pounds, knew he had hooked something big and unusual. “I thought I had a pretty decent flathead,” he told USA TODAY. “But it fought and fought, pretty soon it come plumb out of the water. The shape of its head really threw me off.”  Soon the fish doubled back and came to the edge of Smith's boat and he pulled it in. But once the big fish was in the boat, “he tore the boat up. I was shocked by it,” Smith told the outlet. “The fish was flopping and flipping and destroyed one o

92 Rattlesnakes Pulled From Under Santa Rosa Home

The leader of a Bay Area reptile rescue retrieved 92 Northern Pacific rattlesnakes from underneath a Santa Rosa home in early October. Al Wolf, the director of the Sonoma County Reptile Rescue who has been rescuing snakes and other reptiles for the past 32 years through his nonprofit, responded on Oct. 2 to a resident’s call about a rattlesnake den underneath her home, located in the northeast section of Santa Rosa on the Mayacamas Mountains. After finding an adult rattlesnake and several rattlesnake babies within just a couple minutes of dropping beneath the home — and after getting a whiff of the unmistakable, “special smell” of rattlesnake defecation — Wolf went to his car to retrieve more tools. He returned to the dark underbelly of the residence with two, red five-gallon buckets, a snake-grabber tool and slipped thick Hexarmor safety gloves over his hands. One bucket was for baby snakes and small snakes, and the other bucket was for adult snakes. “I’m in there with a flashlight...

Mary Bloom, Photographer Known For Her Ability To Communicate With Dogs, Dies At 81

Mary Bloom, a champion of animals who as a staff photographer for the Westminster Kennel Club shot its annual dog show with a careful eye to illustrating the bond between dogs and the handlers who lead them around the judging rings, died on Sept. 28 in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. She was 81. Her nephew Robert McLoughlin said the cause was gall bladder cancer. Ms. Bloom was a familiar sight at Westminster. With her brown curls framing her face, she knelt and crawled on legs weakened by neuropathy to find the right pictures of breed winners on the floor at Madison Square Garden. Over her 21 years with the show, beginning in 1995, she sometimes jostled and shouted her way through a scrum of photographers to get prime position for a shot, and she admonished handlers if they misbehaved. “She’d say to handlers, ‘Get your hands off his neck, you’re choking him!’” said David Frei, formerly the kennel club’s director of communications and the television voice of the dog show. “It was kind of an honour f

Animal Lovers Cram Small Plane With 27 Puppies On Mission To Save Them From Being Euthanized

A group of animal lovers became internet and real-life heroes after posting a video of them aboard a small plane crammed with 27 puppies during a rescue mission to prevent the dogs from being euthanized. Cassandra Bergeron and her friends had recorded the rescue during their 45-minute flight from the shelter in Enterprise, Alabama, to Orlando on September 29. The TikTok video , which has since garnered 13.4 million views and 2.9 million likes, captured the puppies happily wagging their tongues and cuddling with their human saviours. “I was in pure bliss. I didn't want to land,” Bergeron said. “I couldn't stop smiling the entire time.” She and the other women made the rescue in July after Bergeron was asked by a pilot friend, who is in training, to help get the dogs from the shelter. Many Southern states have been forced to euthanize animals in shelters because of overcrowding.  The women contacted Michael Young, a University of Central Florida professor and pilot, who has saved

Touching Photos Show Moment Horse And Dogs Were Brought To Owner's Hospice Deathbed To Say Goodbye

This is the touching moment horse and dogs were brought to the Hospice of the Good Shephard in Chester to say goodbye to their terminally ill owner. Jan Holman, 68, from Cheshire who is terminally ill was given the chance to say goodbye to her beloved pet horse and dogs from her hospice bed.  Jan has spent four weeks at the Hospice where she found herself desperately missing her two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Monty and Rowley and horse Bob, a piebald Cob. She had been riding Bob everyday until her hospice admission and described him as being “such an important part of her life”. Staff decided to surprise her by putting her furry friends on the list to give Jan a heartfelt reunion with her beloved trio. Even though Jan, wasn't able to get out of bed, she said she was so excited to have the chance to see Bob one more time. The nurses wheeled her bed to the patio doors and the team from Thornleigh Park Farm Stables, where Bob is in livery, and walked him into the hospice courtyard

Wife Deep-fries Husband's Beloved Pet Fish After He Refuses To Clean Tank

A husband was left bewildered after his wife deep-fried his pet fish — because he refused to clean the tank. Mia Kurniawan had been asking her other half for weeks to wash the glass structure housing his Arowana, a large shiny fish that is one of the most expensive aquarium pets in the world. Despite multiple promises to do so, she often ended up cleaning it for him. Tired of nagging, she resorted to rinsing, scaling, seasoning, and frying the fish to eat, and filmed the entire thing on video. After sharing the video online, Mia Kurniawan has received more than 3.9 million hits on TikTok. She claims that she only resorted to the sizzling solution because the fish had become ill, and still chose to fry it. Her caption reads: “This is because my husband kept promising to clean the aquarium after I told him to, therefore I did it myself.” “However, the fish got sick in the end. I thought it would be delicious if I fried it.” According to the news site Coconuts, Mia's husband was initi

Insurers Are Now Covering Cost of Therapy For Distressed Dogs

Insurers are increasingly covering claims for treatment of distressed dogs as their owners return to work, analysis shows. Market analysts Defaqto said 44% of dog insurance policies now included full cover for behaviour compared to 30% in February last year. This means insurers would cover the cost of behavioural therapy recommended by a vet to treat an animal's emotional distress, perhaps owing to separation. Pet ownership rose during the pandemic. Of an estimated 12 million dogs in the UK, about 3.2 million were acquired as puppies during the Covid crisis. Many were bought by young people to help with companionship and exercise while working from home during lockdowns. Dog welfare charity, Dogs Trust, has warned that an increasing number of owners are trying to hand over dogs for adoption since coronavirus restrictions were lifted. The RSPCA has also said that dogs could face separation anxiety that made them distressed. Indicators include destructive behaviour, unwanted toiletin

Catfish Can Make You Rich by Nsima Mbat

ABOUT CATFISH CAN MAKE YOU RICH From the expert on Animal Behaviour and Genetics comes a revolutionary new way to help you make money in catfish production. Nsima Mbat, the founder of Trojanpost, has been the consultant to thousands of fish farmers and pet owners for more than five years. Now, with the catfish production system that are drawn from his experiences plus never-before-published works, Catfish Can Make You Rich offers the techniques and approaches necessary to control losses, raise healthy fishes, and guarantee yourself riches. Mbat's unique book will help you to start making money in your catfish business right away! You can also use it to learn more about raising catfish, feeding them, and turning around negative situations in your pond. Read this book and change the way you approach catfish production.

Dog Sitter and Breeder Who Neglected At least 117 Puppies Is Banned From Keeping Animals

A dog breeder has been banned from keeping or working with animals after admitting the “chronic neglect” of at least 117 puppies. Kelly Latuskie, 48, allowed the defenceless pooches to suffer pain by not having them treated for dental disease, Carlisle Magistrates' Court heard. She kept more animals for breeding and took in more at her dog daycare than her licences permitted, it was told. Latuskie was yesterday sentenced to 16 weeks in jail, suspended for 18 months, and ordered to pay £17,090 in costs and surcharge. She'd admitted four charges related to animal welfare offences at an earlier hearing. Carlisle City Council were tipped off she was breeding more puppies than her licence allowed and looking after more dogs than the 30 permitted at her daycare business. A search of official microchipping databases found she'd registered and sold at least 117 Cavapoo and Cockapoo puppies between June 2019 and December 2020. She was only permitted to have one litter at a time. Whe

Emotional Moment Orphaned Mountain Gorilla Dies In The Arms Of Her Carer

Ndakasi, a mountain gorilla whose image went viral when she photobombed her caretaker’s selfie, has died at the age of 14. She died on September 26 after a prolonged illness, according to a statement published Tuesday by the Virunga National Park, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. “It is with heartfelt sadness that Virunga announces the death of beloved orphaned mountain gorilla, Ndakasi, who had been under the care of the Park’s Senkwekwe Center for more than a decade,” the park said. “Ndakasi took her final breath in the loving arms of her caretaker and lifelong friend, Andre Bauma,” it added. The Senkwekwe Centre, located inside the park, is the only facility in the world that looks after orphaned mountain gorillas. Bauma had looked after Ndakasi ever since rangers found her clinging to the body of her dead mother in 2007, when she was just two months old. Too vulnerable to return to the wild, Ndakasi lived with other orphaned mountain gorillas until her death. “It was a privileg

Final Act Of Heroic Mum Before Deadly Mauling By Pet Dog Is Revealed

A 42-year-old woman has been mauled to death by a dog with a history of attacks while shouting for her children to get out of the house, prompting her ex-partner to say “the very last thing she did on this earth was save the lives of her children”. Amber LaBelle, from the city of Myrtle Point in Coos County in the US state of Oregon, was killed by an American bulldog and pitbull mix at her home on Spruce Street where she resided with her two daughters on the morning of September 24. Local resident April Shaw said that she heard her friend screaming and rushed over to help, coming across one of the victim’s daughters who yelled to neighbours to call the emergency services. Shaw added: “It was a pretty bad scene ... We had another neighbour holding a dog back, a pretty big dog, and I just ran past the dog and ran straight to Amber. She was unresponsive at the time.”  LaBelle was taken to hospital by air ambulance services where she died at around 4am the following morning. The victim’s c

Ecologists Design Bat-Friendly Bridge to Protect Endangered Species

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet in collaboration with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has designed a bridge that serves as a suitable habitat for gray bats. The Kentucky Bridge is the first of its kind in the State. It serves as a perfect habitat for bats as well as a safe connection for motorists. In 2018, during a routine check by the Kentucky team, they discovered a bridge with large cracks that serves as a gray bat habitat but was no longer in good condition due to adverse weather and lack of maintenance. They also found bat pup, which indicates that the bats are roosting under the bridge. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the gray bats has been on the endangered species list since 1976 and are threatened by habitat loss. “Bats were finding cracks and crevices that were safe from wind, from predators, and safe from rain and it created almost like a cave-like habitat. We wanted to recreate those exact gaps but do it from the very first day the bridge was built