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German Town Grounds Cats To Save Rare Birds

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Dog's Ferocious Flatulence Has Internet In Stitches: ‘Fart Of The Day’

A dog has become an internet sensation for his constant habit of unleashing ferocious flatulence while striking a yoga pose. Rowland, a Great Dane, has gained the adoration of fans online after his owner shared a series of videos detailing the pooch’s “Fart of the day”. “I think Roland brings joy to people with his interesting talent,” owner Nicki Deutsch, 48, told Jam Press of her doggo’s odiferous wind-breaking, which she documents on a TikTok page called “ rolandthefartingdog ”. One of the clips which can be found here has over 5.7 million views and shows the black-and-white pooch adopting a downward dog pose with his front paws down while rumping high in the air. He then lets loose so loud it could’ve been a sound effect in a movie. Deutsch, who’s a stay-at-home mom, adopted Roland in 2020. One year later, the pooch fell mysteriously ill, whereupon doctors later discovered that the Dane had eaten a cat toy, which apparently affected his gut something fierce. “The toy was blocking

Man Teaches Dog How To Drive On Farm In Hamilton, Victoria

An Australian farmer has taught his dog how to drive on a farm in Hamilton, Victoria. Cameron Zschech, 21, told ABC he was on his family’s land in Hamilton moving sheep one day when he thought “now is the time I could teach the dog to drive”. In a video posted here on Facebook, Cameron was able to teach Lexie, a Jack Russell Terrier, how to help out with jobs after climbing behind the wheel. Cameron who relied on the same method his dad used while teaching him how to drive, said he put the vehicle in first gear, and then “let it idle along” as Lexie steered. “I thought ‘if we’ve got that much time, we might as well give Lexie a go’”, he said. She went alright. Lexie thinks she’s a sheep dog. She’s got the right attitude for the role but her size lets her down. “She’s about one-tenth the size of a ewe… but is completely unaware of her tiny size.” The dog’s promotion to driver came after she was injured as a puppy on the farm. “There was an 80kg ewe and Lexie took off after it and it

Woman Quits £100k Job To Live In Van With Her Dog: ‘This Lifestyle Is So Much Cheaper’

After spending eight years at a Big Four firm, a woman in her late twenties, has quit a £100k-a-year job to live in a seven-metre-long van with her pet chihuahua. Dominique Niemandt, 29, a former director at a London accounting firm was inspired by a desire to break out of her day-to-day routine. She forked out £25,000 to buy a converted VW Crafter and is now travelling around Europe with her one-year-old pet dog Kevin. She says she now feels “so much freer and so much more like me.” “Before I felt like I was in a hamster wheel for so long. I just thought there must be more to life. I used to work 60 or 70 hour weeks. On holiday I would be the loser working in the corner. I sort of felt like I didn't have a choice,” she said. Dominique was living in London and earning more than £100,000 a year before resigning. Now, she's living off savings and considering taking up a consulting role for a few months of the year to fund her way of life. Dominique said: “This lifestyle is so muc

Rare Deep-sea Dragonfish Captured On Camera Off California Coast

A rare deep-sea dragonfish has been spotted off the coast of northern California. The highfin dragonfish identified scientifically as Bathophilus flemingi was captured on video by a team of researchers in Monterey Bay, California. Named after the mythical creature, the torpedo-shaped fish is a predator that roams the depths of the ocean. Highfin dragonfish can grow up to 16.5cm in length and has long thin rays for fins. Scientists think the wing-like filaments can detect vibrations and can alert the fish of oncoming predators and prey. The deep-sea creature uses a sit-and-wait tactic in which it hangs motionless in midwater and waits for unsuspecting crustaceans and fish to feed on, according to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI). It also uses a bioluminescent filament that extends from its chin. “It uses that to attract prey that see the spot of glowing light and get drawn to it because they think it’s something small enough that they can eat,” Bruce Robison, a seni

San Antonio Angler Catches 9.5-foot Tiger Shark With The Help Of A Flying Drone

A San Antonio angler used an unmanned drone in his battle against a 9.5-foot tiger shark over the weekend in Port Aransas, a Texas beach town about 20 miles east of Corpus Christi. Michael Ploch told My San Antonio that he used a drone to drop his baited hook into the ocean hundreds of yards offshore. Once he hooked the creature, he ran his rod down to the beach and reeled it in for two hours. “It was exhausting but exciting to catch one of my bucket list sharks,” Ploch told My San Antonio. “I have been saltwater fishing for the last five years, but have been grateful to learn a lot of pointers from local fishermen that helped me land this fish.” Video of the catch shows Ploch posing with the shark on the beach with his friend, Patrick Reyes. Ploch measured the shark at 9.5 feet before releasing it. Tiger sharks are among the largest and commonly reach length of 10 to 14 feet, according to the Florida Museum .  They can be found in the Gulf of Mexico, North American beaches, and part

This Cat's Reaction To Toasted Bread Has Internet In Stitches

A viral clip showing a cat fighting a piece of toasted baguette has left viewers in stitches. The video posted to Reddit by u/AzulaOblongata, has so far reached almost 35,000 upvotes and garnered over 400 comments. In the video below, which features a caption that says “I was told to this sub might like my silly girl,” shows a cat trying to defend herself from a somehow threatening piece of toasted bread that the owner left on the bed for her. In the video the woman can be heard reassuring the cat, whose name is Gallifrey, that it's just a piece of bread, but the very suspicious cat won't give in and just keeps fighting with it until she knocks it off. Some other users focused on the fact that there's going to be breadcrumbs on the bed, and that's gross. One user, CFM5680, said: “What kind of monster eats toasted bread in their bed. I'm itchy just thinking about it.” And MrSpreadsheets added: “Disgusting behavior... so many crumbs on that bed and eventually floor.

The Best Dog Food In Nigeria 2022

When it comes to dog raising , food is king. No other factors encourage healthy growth and development like good dog food. With good dog food, your dog can achieve optimal growth and development says George Idam, DVM, chief veterinarian at Thecaninemart .  That is the reason dog food in Nigeria comes in different brands and varieties to cater to the needs of your dog . From the premium dry and wet dog food packed with protein, vitamins, omega fatty acids, fruits and vegetables, to the subscription and refrigerated food varieties, the list will continue to grow as long as the dog food industry is unregulated in Nigeria. As you must have observed, most dog food will have similar ingredients. That's the reason it can sometimes be hard for you to come up with the best dog food. What Makes One Dog Food Better Than Others? We have consulted expert veterinarians, nutritionists, and pet food scientists with many years of experience in the dog food industry and they've h

Nigerians Are Being Warned They May Get Infected If They Choose To Have Sex With Dogs

A viral TikTok clip showing a Nigerian lady bragging about engaging in sexual act with a dog for money has raised serious health concerns. Dr Kemi Olunloyo in a series of posts on Twitter cautions residents that such acts can have negative spiritual and health implications. She also opened up on her encounter with a ritualist involved in the activity who deepened her knowledge about the unlawful and disgusting acts. “The ritualist I interviewed in 2014 at the Herbalist market in Ibadan told me today that billionaires paying N2M to the young ladies having intercourse with dogs is a money ritual act. It is NOT for porn. The dog 🐕 is later sacrificed and they become wealthier,” Kemi said. The ritualist I interviewed in 2014 at the Herbalist market in Ibadan told me today that billionaires paying N2M to the young ladies having intercourse with dogs is a money ritual act. It is NOT for porn. The dog 🐕 is later sacrificed and they become “WEALTHIER”👀 #Kemified𓃵 — Dr Kemi OLUNLOYO Pharm.D

Man, 51, Jumps To His Death From 14th Floor Of His Home In Manhattan With Two Dogs And A Cat In His Arms

A 51-year-old man and his pets died on Thursday after he jumped from the balcony on the 14th floor of his home in Manhattan's Lower East Side neighborhood while cradling a cat and two dogs , according to Police. The yet to be identified man took his two dogs and a cat with him - killing one of the dogs and the cat. The other dog broke its legs and was taken to a local animal hospital for treatment. The man who lived in the building called the East River Coop at 575 Grand Street, close to FDR Drive, jumped to his death around 3:30 p.m., the New York Daily News reported. The man was rushed to Beth Israel Hospital with severe trauma, where he later succumbed to his injuries. A neighbor told the New York Post , “This just ruined my whole day. I hope I don’t know this man because I’ll be sad. Really sad,” said one resident. “Something like this has never happened around here for all I know.” “Why would he do that to those poor animals? They don’t deserve that. Lord knows why he jumped

9 Dog Breeds That Live The Longest Named In New Study

Jack Russell Terriers are the longest-living dogs, a new study of more than 30,000 dogs from 18 breeds has found. Research conducted by the Royal Veterinary College found that the average life expectancy for dogs in the UK varies massively between breeds. While the average life expectancy for dogs is 11.2 years, some breeds like Jack Russell Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, and border collie tend to live longer. The findings discovered that Jack Russell Terriers have an average life expectancy of 12.7 years, while French Bulldogs trail with the shortest life expectancy of just 4.5 years. “The dog life tables offer new insights and ways of looking at the life expectancy in pet dogs,” Dr Kendy Tzu-yun Teng, who led the study, tells MailOnline . “They are also strong evidence of compromised health and welfare in short, flat-faced breeds, such as French Bulldog and Bulldog.” Elsewhere in the study, the team also found that female dogs tend to live an average of four months longer than male dog

Woman Gets Dragged For Mocking Boyfriend Who Calls Kittens His ‘Babies’

An ongoing drama between a woman and her boyfriend is getting lot of negative attention on social media. Redditors have been particularly vocal about their displeasure with the woman who mocked her boyfriend for calling his kittens “my babies.” According to u/KittyKaty5509, who posted his story to Reddit's infamous “AmITheA**hole” forum, he has been taking care of cats since he was a teenager, and overall has been a “cat dad” to over nine cats. He says his girlfriend loves his cat named Lilly, but doesn't love that the pet sleeps in bed. She finds that, as well as other “behaviours” weird. Lilly recently gave birth to some kittens. He decided to post a picture of the animals on social media and got many likes. Narrating on the ordeal to decide if he was in the wrong, u/KittyKaty5509 told the forum users: “When my girlfriend saw it she picked a fight with me calling it cringe that I constantly refer to these kittens as my babies. She told me it's just weird and lowkey creepy

Woman Posts Photos Of Her Dog Who Shredded Passport Just Days Before Friend's Wedding And They're Hilarious

A woman who fears she could miss her best friend's wedding after her naughty 'serial chewer' shredded her passport has just posted some of the pictures. Sophia Kourtney says she left her one-year-old Pomeranian named Prince alone for just two hours while getting her eyelashes done - but came back to her home in Salford, Greater Manchester and found her passport “in a million pieces” on April 21. Ms Kourtney had left the passport tucked into her laptop sleeve on her desk after checking in online for the upcoming Cyprus holiday, but the mischievous hound pulled it onto the floor. The aesthetics practitioner is now anxiously waiting to hear back from the passport office to see if her new documents will arrive in time to allow her to travel to her friend Sinead McCormack's wedding in Larnaca on May 11. Otherwise she faces not only paying more than £200 for the fast-tracked new passport but also losing out on the long awaited holiday and £600 cost. She blames the dog's &

5 Facts About Rough Collie That Will Help You Become A Good Owner

You already know a lot about Rough Collies, but did you know that they were the breeds with the highest odds of aggressive behaviour in recent study ? Well, now you know. This breed is aggressive. After all, it descended from a large, strong and aggressive variety of herding dog originating in Scotland. As any good pup parent knows, the background of dog breed matters when it comes to raising a furry friend. We've already posted about list of aggressive dogs and followed that up with dog raising tips , but you still need to know interesting things about Rough Collie if you want to enjoy the breed. Keep reading to learn more facts about Rough Collie that are sure to make you a good owner. 1. Your Rough Collie Could Show Fear-related Behaviours Far More Easily Than Other Dogs Rough Collies may be physically strong, but fear-related behaviours are common in the breed.  If you're a Rough Collie owner, you might have noticed the behaviour when your pup was exposed to sudden or lou

These Animals’ Reaction To Close Encounter With A Robot Dog Is So Hilarious

While trying to bring out the natural behaviour in their animals, Sydney zoo deployed a robot dog and the reaction was hilarious. The roughly three minutes long clip shows the robot dog dubbed Sparky entering the zoo and coming face-to-face with three hyenas before meeting four lions in their enclosure. Stuck as they may have been, the animals sure didn't seem particularly fond of their new robot friend. In fact, they were looking for a chance to show their rivalry, but hindered by the enclosures.

Terrifying Video Shows Great White Shark Circling Family For An Hour Before Attacking Their Boat

A video showing a close encounter between a massive 14-foot great white and an Australian family has been making waves on social media. The footage, taken on the water off the coast of Mandurah, south of Perth, shows a massive great white shark swimming right up to the side of the boat, opening its mouth up wide and using its razor sharp teeth to chomp down on the boat's outboard motor. The shark continued circling the family for an hour before swimming off, as the family returned safely to the shore. The footage was captured by David Tuckfield while fishing with his wife Tanya and his 14-year-old son Shelby on April 15. Reflecting on the encounter, boat owner Tuckfield told 9 News: “We had a big visitor from the deep come up, nice size ... white pointer” “He tried to take a chunk out of the motor — we were mesmerized,” exclaimed Tuckfield, who had reportedly never seen a shark that size or that close despite fishing the area frequently. After an hour of circling the vessel, during

Bird Flu Spreads To Bald Eagles As Outbreak Hits US

The bald eagle is the latest to fall prey to the highly contagious bird flu that has been sweeping across the US, affecting birds in a majority of states. The US is enduring the worst bird flu outbreak since 2015 in terms of domestic poultry deaths, according to new data from the US Department of Agriculture, with the avian sickness responsible for millions of deaths in commercial farms. But the flu is also affecting wild birds and since February, at least 36 bald eagles have died in 14 states as a result of contracting the virus and eagles in two other states are suspected of falling sick with the strain. Georgia’s department of natural resources announced that three bald eagles that have died in the state tested positive with bird flu and that other eagle carcasses are being checked. Other wild birds affected in the state include the lesser scaup, gadwall and the American wigeon. The latest strain, H5N1, has also been detected in bald eagles in other states including Florida, Kansas

Chihuahua Becomes World's Oldest Dog

Born in 9 January 2001, 21-year-old Chihuahua TobyKeith has been confirmed as the world's oldest dog. TobyKeith, who is owned by Gisela Shore, had his record verified at the grand old age of 21 years 66 days on 16 March 2022. The American-born canine was officially confirmed in Greenacres, Florida, by representatives from the Guinness World Record organisation. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Guinness World Records (@guinnessworldrecords) TobyKeith was adopted from an animal shelter when he was just a few months old. “I was a volunteer at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue and one of the employees told me about an elderly couple trying to surrender a puppy because they could not take care of him any longer,” said Gisela. “I met with the elderly couple and I was introduced to a tiny tan Chihuahua. They had named him Peanut Butter. I later changed his name to TobyKeith.” And that’s where TobyKeith and Gisela’s story began, one that has gone on to span over