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Woman finds evidence of boyfriend's infidelity after paying attention to one overlooked red flag in the bedroom

A 22-year-old-woman says she uncovered her boyfriend's unfaithfulness while on holiday with his mates, with just one overlooked red flag in the bedroom.

Woman finds evidence of boyfriend's infidelity after paying attention to one overlooked red flag in the bedroom
Pernille Torhov known as @pernille.torhov, shared the relationship issues recently on TikTok and her post has since gained over 700,000 views.

In the video which can be found here, she claimed to have been in a relationship with her boyfriend for four months when he went away with friends in September 2021, but quickly grew suspicious after he returned.

Given that they had been apart for a week, she was surprised when her boyfriend lasted longer in the bedroom than usual, which she regarded as a red flag.

Pernille says she was “so in love” with her boyfriend, that she decided she was most likely overthinking things, and so initially decided to turn a “blind eye.”

“I thought that the s€x wouldn't last that long since it had been a week since we last saw each other, but if anything, he lasted longer than usual in bed. Then I was thinking to myself that it was a bit strange, but didn't say anything to him,” she recounted.

Having been cheated on before in a previous relationship, the Norwegian convinced herself she just had her “guard up”. However, her suspicions were confirmed when he confessed to cheating in an apologetic Snapchat message.

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The message read as follows: “I feel pretty bad and I'm disappointed in myself because there's something I haven't told you. One of the boys invited two girls on our cabin trip, and I ended up sleeping with one of them.”

“We don't exactly have an agreement to be exclusive, but I still thought it was bad of me when we've been together a lot lately, and especially not to say anything to you at first. In the beginning, I wasn't keen on having those girls there at all, I have been determined that I have no need, or desire to do anything with anyone else.”

“It was pretty obvious that one of the girls had a crush on me that night, but I said I was seeing you. Towards the end of the evening, they had to sleep over because they couldn't get home, and there are only two bedrooms there,” it continued.

“She slept in my room, and it went as it did, but that's no excuse anyway, I thought it was stupid of me. I've been such a coward to wait until now. It hurts to think about how good and kind you are to me, and this is what you get back from me. I am quite disappointed with myself because this is really not the person I want to be.”

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Saddened and disappointed by the confession, particularly as he had chosen to make it via message, Pernille called him on FaceTime, telling him if he wanted to apologise then he “had to do it face to face.”

Pernille recalled: “He then drove to me and we sat down and talked about it. Because of being treated very badly in my last relationship, my head was telling me to drop this boy on the spot, but my heart obviously still wanted to be with him since I had a huge crush on him.”

“I was very clear with him that it would be very hard for me to trust him again and I never accepted his apology.”

She added: “I think one of the worst things and that I find a little disgusting is that he came home to me and had s€x with me straight after he had s€x with the girl on the cabin trip. And managed to be with me every day after that for a whole week pretending like nothing was wrong. I felt very led on.”

Following a long conversation, Pernille decided to give her partner one more chance, and says he's “turned out to be a very sweet and nice boy”.

She said: “Most of my friends know, and I called some of them when I read his message. They all told me that there were so many red flags and that they did not want me to continue with him.”

“Some of them still don't fully trust him after that, I don't either, but I'm working on it. My family doesn't know, and I'm glad they don't as I don't want them to think badly about him now that we are in a relationship.”