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Police raid Dogs Rock Rescue's property to find diseased dogs, canine skulls with bullet holes

Dogs Rock Rescue's property was raided by Heard County Sheriff officials investigating suspected case of animal cruelty and abuse.

Police raid Dogs Rock Rescue's property to find diseased dogs, canine skulls with bullet holes

Police searched the Georgia animal shelter's building and arrested its ownerr, Wendy Brewer, after discovering dozens of animals living in deplorable conditions.

Authorities said more than 200 dogs were found at the property. Brewer was charged with two counts of felony aggravated animal cruelty and two misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty and abandonment.

Officers described dead dogs, dogs experiencing malnutrition and dehydration, and diseased dogs living in horrendous conditions.

"While we were out there, they observed what they said was a vulture that swooped down and grabbed hold of a puppy and tried to take off with it" Heard County Sheriff's Lt. Dan Boswell said. "So the animal control officer and code enforcement intervened to protect the animal. While they were out there they saw some conditions that were unfavorable for some animals."

Investigators said they also found a fire pit, where deputies said they found 20 canine skulls with evidence of bullet wounds.

"Some of the skulls had holes in them commensurate to a possible .22 (caliber)," Boswell said.

According to neighbours, the shelter had been bad for a long time. They complained about the smell, barking, and flocks of vultures circling the property regularly.

Dogs Rock Rescue was licensed and its Facebook page is filled with dogs finding forever homes. The rescue frequently held pet adoptions at a PetSmart however, deputies said after an adoption event last weekend, they found the animals still in the rescue’s van parked on the property.

"Obviously, some animals will have to be euthanized. But the vast majority of them are viable, and we are looking for places for them to go," Lt. Boswell said.

There has not been an announcement on when the dogs will be available for adoption or fostering.