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Dog Trainer Reveals Eight Best Breeds For Owners With Kids

Anyone who has ever had dogs will tell you, it is absolutely not easy to choose the perfect breed for homes with kids. Unfortunately, sometimes it's complicated – no matter how many people we ask for guidance. But while we can't easily get the right answers from people who have little experience with dogs, there are some experts we can turn to while searching for the perfect breed for families with kids.

Dog Trainer Reveals Eight Best Breeds For Owners With Kids

Dog trainer (@southenddogtraining1) has taken to TikTok to reveal the eight best breeds for owners with kids.

Sharing a clip on the social media platform, @southenddogtraining1 revealed the eight breeds he would recommend for families. First up, the expert recommends Golden Retrievers as the best breed for people with kids.

The dog trainer says: “Probably the friendliest, most sociable dog on the planet, fantastic with children.”

“Very soft, very gentle, but is also active enough that you can go away on holidays, trips to the beach etc.”

He then revealed his other top canine choices for when you have young kids.

“Other dog breeds that are notoriously good with children are the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the Border Terrier, Greyhound, St Bernard, Newfoundland, Bernese Mountain Dog, Leonberger to name a few,” he continues.

He also added in the comments that he’d forgotten to add Boxers and Labradors to the list.

He also had some top tips for successfully introducing a dog into your family.

The expert says: “Make sure that you teach your children that dogs aren’t climbing frames and make sure you teach your children to leave the dogs alone when they are eating and sleeping.”

“Teach your child to be respectful of the dog, teach your dog to be respectful of your child.”

Many people said they agreed with his list, with one saying: “i actually recommend golden retriever to anyone getting a dog because i have one.”

Another added: “100% staffys, the nanny breed.”