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New Study Suggests Vegan Diets Are Healthier And Safer For Dogs

A new study suggests that vegan diets are healthier and safer for dogs than conventional meat-based diets, as long as they are nutritionally complete. Published in the journal Plos One , the diet and health of more than 2,500 dogs were followed over a year using surveys completed by their owners. These assessed seven general indicators of health, such as multiple visits to the vets, and 22 common illnesses. The researchers found that, for example, almost half the dogs fed conventional meat-based diets required non-routine medication but only a third of the dogs fed vegan diets did so. Some of the dogs in the study were fed raw meat diets and these were marginally more healthy than the vegan dogs overall. However, this may have been because they were on average a year younger. Prof Andrew Knight, lead author of the study said: “Our study is by far the largest study published to date.”  “It revealed that the healthiest and least hazardous dietary choices for dogs are nutritionally sound

Fisherman Catches Record-breaking 131 Pound Catfish In Mississippi After 30-Minutes Struggle

A fisherman has broken a 13-year-old Mississippi state record after catching a 131-pound catfish while fishing in the Mississippi river. Eugene Cronley, an angler from Brandon, caught the fish on April 7, near Natchez, the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Fisheries Bureau said in a statement on Monday. The catch broke the previous rod and reel record of a 95-pound catfish, caught by Dakota Hinson in 2009. Ryan Jones, an official from the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, certified the weight of the 131-pound catfish. According to the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Fisheries Bureau, the record-setting fish caught by Hinson, Cronley and the trophy record 101 pound blue catfish caught in 1997 by Freddie Parker and Brad Smith were all caught in the same part of the Mississippi River near Natchez. Cronley caught the blue catfish using a rod and reel and skipjack herring bait. “I was using a cut-bait called a skipjack,

Researcher Trampled To Death By Elephant In Kibale National Park

A Colombian researcher has been trampled to death by an elephant in Uganda. The man, identified as Sebastian Ramirez Amaya, was killed on Sunday in Kibale National Park, Western Uganda when he was exploring the area, known for its unique wildlife with another researcher and a guide. Amaya, 30, based at Arizona State University in the United States was attached to Ngogo Chimpanzee Research Centre in Kibale National Park in Kamwenge District. The Rwenzori West Regional Police Spokesperson, Mr Vincent Twesige, said the incident happened on Sunday at around 9am when the deceased and his colleagues went deep inside the National Park for research under the guidance of one Ngene, a Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) warden. “While in the forest, the students took different directions, and while coming out, everyone else returned to the camp except Amaya. The team decided to head back to the forest to look for him, but unfortunately, they found when an elephant had already killed him,” he said. M

Nigeria Ranked The 7th Worst Country For Dogs

It's no secret that Nigeria is facing a serious animal welfare issues. According to a new Dog-friendly Country Index updated on The Swiftest on March 25, 2022, by Mathew Nash, Nigeria ranks as the 7th worst country for  dogs . The report which ranks the best and worst country to own a dog or be a dog in 2022, considers factors that make a dog-friendly country such as Animal Protection Index, companion animals grade, pet-friendly hotels per million population, number of vets per million population, country’s law on animal rights, formal recognition of animal sentience, low risk rabies country and significant dog meat consumption. Based on all this and more, Nigeria comes in as the 7th worst country for dog ownership at 44.41 points and the 9th country with the fewest veterinarians per capita. The country was also listed among nations with laws on animal rights while ranking close to least in every other ranking factor utilised. In addition, Nigeria was ranked to have one pet-friend

US Zoo Says Their Teen Gorilla Is ‘Very Much Distracted’ By Cellphones

A teenage gorilla that has been staring frequently at the pictures and videos on cellphones of visitors to Lincoln Park Zoo has been displaying anti-social behaviour, according to the zoo official. The 415-pound gorilla named Amare, didn’t seem to notice last week when another teenage gorilla rushed him in a show of aggression that’s common among young males seeking to figure out who’s boss. Instead, the gorilla was glued to the screens of cellphones from visitors who show him pictures and videos through the glass wall – including selfies, family photos, pet videos and even footage of Amare himself. “It seemed to almost surprise Amare because his attention was very much distracted,” said Stephen Ross, director of the zoo’s Lester E. Fisher Center for the Study and Conservation of Apes. “No harm, no foul in this case,” he said. But Amare’s cellphone distractions have grown more frequent in recent months. Staff members have put up a rope line to keep visitors a few feet from the glass pa

Dog Trainer Explains Why You Should Not Walk Your Dog Every Day

While most dog owners assume that routine walk is essential to their pets' well-being, an expert Niki French has disagreed with the popular belief. Niki, the author of STOP Walking Your Dog, said traditional walks are a human invention and aren't helpful for many of our dogs. “Replacing walk time with training games at home can give the dogs the skills they're missing to live calm and happy lives.” “Contrary to popular belief, dogs with behaviour struggles can get more reactive or more excitable when we try to exhaust them through too much exercise,” she said. Niki has a two-year-old rescue dog named Bodie at home, who is “noticeably calmer” with fewer walks and more enrichment games. “A growing number of my clients have nervous or reactive dogs and I've shown them all the amazing activities you can do at home to help dogs grow the skills they’re lacking to be happy on walks,” she explained. Skipping some walks can help both dogs and owners alike destress. “When more th

Man Missing For More Than Two Weeks Found Dead With Dog Still Waiting By His Side

A man who was missing for more than two weeks has been found dead, with his dog still by his side. Oscar Alejandro Hernandez, 29, was declared missing in mid-March. He was last seen on March 16, and a flyer circulated by his family said his last known location was near the hiking trails around Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Hernandez’s family was present when his body was found, Los Angeles Sgt. Ruben Arellano told The Associated Press . His dog, King, was there next to him, emaciated but alive. The man’s cousin told NBC 4 he believes King never left Hernandez’s side. Multiple agencies worked to retrieve Hernandez’s body from the hilly area. Authorities have not yet released a cause of death for Hernandez, but there’s no reason to suspect foul play, Arellano said. #BREAKING : Body of 29 year old Oscar Hernandez, missing for 16 days, discovered in #GriffithPark . His dog, King, found alive and by his side. — Robert Kovacik (@RobertNBCLA) April 1, 2022 Griffit

Ukrainian Zoo Rallies To Help Animals Affected By War

In the wake of a devastating war that put many animals in danger, a zoo in Ukraine is asking for international support to keep its animals alive after most of its staff were either evacuated or joined the military to fight Russian invaders. Mykolaiv Zoo is operating in “wartime mode,” its director, Volodymyr Topchyi, said in a Facebook post earlier this month . “Every day we go to work, feed and clean the animals despite the howl of the air raid siren,” he wrote. “Seven of our employees went to the front to fight the invaders.” Topchyi asked people to consider purchasing e-tickets to the zoo to financially support it during the war. The park is home to polar bears, hippos, lions, wolves, elephants, zebras, primates and many other animals, according to its website . Mykolaiv has faced fierce shelling from Russian forces as they seek to gain control over the strategic maritime city. Over the weekend, more than 40 marines were killed after Russian forces bombed a military barracks in the

Famous Ukrainian Cat Stepan Escapes War-ravaged Kharkiv To Find Safety In France

An Instagram post is going viral today of Stepan — popular Ukrainian cat — looking scared in his travel bag after escaping war-ravaged Kharkiv to France. Three photos were posted to the cat's own Instagram feed on Wednesday. In them, Stepan can be seen on a train travelling to Lviv. Detailing how they made it to safety, the plucky tabby’s owner, Anna, gave a welcome update about the gruelling journey from Ukraine. According to the caption, Anna said: “On February 24, early in the morning, we were sleeping at home. At 5 am, some explosion was heard, and I didn't even understand what it was”. “After a while, after half an hour later, there were more explosions, the windows trembled. I jumped up and understood that something terrible was happening!” she wrote. “The attack and shelling of Kharkiv (especially on the North Saltovka where we live). We realized that the war had come to our house.” Anna then detailed how they spent a week without electricity before they managed to leave

Woman Spends $25K In Cloning Dead Cat Only To Bring Back A Kitten With Completely Different Personality

A woman has recounted how she spent $25,000 to clone her beloved cat that has died — only to end up with a new kitten with “completely different personality”. Kelly Anderson told The Sun that she “couldn’t sleep that night” when her five-year-old cat named Chai, died on March 16, 2017. The journey to bring her dead cat to life started when Anderson had conversation about cloning with her roommate who is a vet tech. “I just remembered having a conversation with my roommate, who’s a vet tech, at some point that night about cloning,” Anderson told the outlet. “I started doing a lot of research and looked into ViaGen a lot. Worried that time may be running out, Anderson called ViaGen the second they opened the next morning, and the process from there was basically getting her vet to work with them to get a skin biopsy (from Chai). Chai Four years later, Anderson has a new kitten that she named Belle, but said its personality “is completely different” from Chai. Belle “They have some basel

Rampaging Camel Attacks And Kills Two Men After Escaping From A Petting Zoo In Tennessee

A rampaging camel attacked and killed two men after escaping a petting zoo in Tennessee on Thursday afternoon, according to a county sheriff. Officials from the Obion county sheriff’s office said the fatal incident unfolded around 5.44pm, when they “received a call of a loose camel near Shirley Farms on South Bluff Road in Obion … attacking people”. When deputies arrived at the farm, approximately 100 miles from Memphis, they found “two unconscious victims on the ground” and “a camel still on the loose”. The sheriff’s department and other public safety agencies including the Tennessee highway patrol, Lake county sheriff’s office, Lake county rescue squad and Ridgely police tried to aid the victims and bring them to a safe location. The animal remained aggressive. Obion authorities said “the camel attacked an Obion county sheriff’s office vehicle then move[d] towards deputies who were attempting to move a victim to” emergency medical services. “It was at this time officers had to put th

Dog Dons Suit And Tie As He Plays A Special Role In A Wedding

A couple in Virginia has been finding ways to make their adorable pet play a central role in their wedding day. Sophia Coleman and Josh Makela, both 32, asked their dog Rocky, to deliver their rings. The pooch didn't fail to impress, but wore his own suit, tie and handkerchief actually designed for a dog to the event. Dog walker Sophie even prepared the 13-year-old for the big day but, the pug and Pomeranian-mix got a little over-exited. Sophie said: “When his big moment came he was quite distracted and hoped every guest would give him a treat.” A friend of hers had to grab Rocky and guide him into place. Sophie went on: “The guests were laughing so much as Rocky finally made his way up the aisle.” “He was the star of the show. I was happy for him to upstage me.” This is not the only animal to have impressed guests at a wedding recently. Early this year, exotic animal veterinarians Ericka and Jay Johnson turned heads when they invited a Sulcata tortoise, Tom Shelleck, to be part o

Video Provides The Ultimate Sneak Peek Into Peacock Flounder's Habitat

A scuba diver was fortunate enough to get a sneak peek into the habitat of a peacock flounder while underwater in the Galapagos. The new YouTube video from Rumble Viral documents an adult peacock flounder swimming through the crystalline waters of the islands.  Upon first glance, the fish may not look that bizarre. But flounders have quite the back story. When they’re born, they look like traditional fish, but as they mature, their right eye migrates to the left. Both eyes become elevated like tiny periscopes. The flounder swims on its side, flat on the bottom, rarely leaving the cover of the sand and rubble on which it hides. Flounder can change their pigmentation to mimic the surface they are on, requiring as little as 8 seconds to complete a dramatic change. They are masters of camouflage. Flounders are mainly nocturnal, hunting for small fish and crabs that make their home along the bottom of the ocean. To see one like this in broad daylight, especially so far from cover is an incr

Fisherman Hooks 130 Pounds Prehistoric-looking Alligator Gar After Battling For 30 Minutes

A fisherman in Houston has caught a massive alligator gar after a half-hour battle. The 6-foot, 130-pound gar — often referred to as a “living fossil fish” because its lineage dates back nearly 100 million years — was pulled from the 610 Loop that surrounds downtown Houston by angler Alex Sosa. Sosa made the surprising catch while fishing on Brays Bayou in November 2021. He had his 16-foot john boat on a section of the bayou in the greater East End, near the Gus Wortham Golf Course. Now as for the haul, Sosa says the bait he was using was a big buffalo head. So when he got a bite, he knew it was a big fish. “Between the time that the fish picked up the bait and getting the fish onto the boat, I believe it was about 30 minutes,” Sosa recalled. Sosa took a took few photos with the fish before releasing it back into the water unharmed. “Being able to share that moment with everyone who stopped to ask questions and take pictures is what reminded me why I love fishing,” Sosa told the Housto

Orphaned Albino Elephant Calf Swims With Adopted Family in South Africa And There's A Video

We are drawn to elephants, and even more exciting, still, is when it's a typical albino elephant calf rescued from poachers. The 2-year-old albino calf named Khanyisa, was rescued in 2020 after park rangers at Kruger National Park found her trapped in a snare at 4 months old. The animal suffered severe injuries at the time and her herd was nowhere to be found. Khanyisa was taken to the Care for Wild animal sanctuary to be stabilized and then transferred to HERD elephant orphanage in South Africa for rehabilitation. At HERD, the albino elephant calf was welcomed by her adopted mother, Limpopo, and her big bull babysitter, Fishan. This came as a bit of a surprise considering that elephants have been known to reject orphaned elephants, as well as albino calves particularly when there has been human intervention in caring for them. But Khanyisa's new family members are intelligent, friendly and water-loving bunch. They have taught her to swim and are alwaysr ready to protect her wh

Cincinnati Zoo Is Forced To Euthanize A 20-Year-Old White Lion Named Gracious

A white lion born at Cincinnati Zoo on April 1, 2001, was euthanized at almost 21 years because its health had began to decline. The female, named Gracious was born to mom Prosperity, who arrived at the Cincinnati Zoo in 1998. According to a statement posted on Facebook, the lion was almost 21 years old and lived five years past the median life expectancy for her species. “At almost 21 years old, she was considered a geriatric animal and, as such, her quality of life was closely monitored,” the zoo wrote. “Her health began to decline and when she lost interest in her favorite food, meatballs, her care team knew it was time to say goodbye. She lived five years longer than the median life expectancy for her species, which can be attributed to the special geriatric enrichment, diet, and TLC that she has received from her care team, some of whom had cared for her since she was born.” Laura Carpenter, a keeper at Cincinnati zoo, said: “Gracious was very intelligent and was willing to train

‘Russian Cats Are Banned’: Outrage As International Cat Federation Bans Russian Moggies From Competitions

People in China have taken to social media to share their collective outrage over the Fédération Internationale Féline's (FiFe) decision to ban Russian cats from participating in international cat shows. FiFe confirmed on Tuesday that cats bred in Russia will not be allowed to compete in their cat shows until May 31 at the earliest following Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine on February 24. The organization also banned any cat bred in Russia from being registered in any FiFe pedigree book outside of the country. Hours after the announcement was made, angry Chinese web users on Weibo expressed their disapproval of the ban. The search term “Russian cats are banned” went viral on the Chinese social media platform on Wednesday, receiving over 118 million views in 24 hours. The trending topic also spawned close to 170,000 topic threads overnight. “Even cats, dogs, chickens, pigs, and geese, have nationalities? Even cockroaches and bugs have national allegiances? This is thought o

Maryland To Ban Declawing Of Domestic Cats: ‘It Has No Benefit For The Cat’

If you don’t like a cat that scratches, get a dog. That's the advice given to cat owners in Maryland after both chambers of the General Assembly moved to ban declawing of domestic cats. According to the Associated Press , Maryland senate is going to make the practice of declawing cats illegal in the state when the bill is passed into law. SB67, sponsored by Montgomery County Senator Cheryl C. Kagan, would prohibit veterinarians from declawing cats unless the process is necessary for “therapeutic purposes.” If the vet declaws a cat for any other purpose, they could face having their license suspended or revoked. The legislative proposal to ban the declawing of cats was however met with resistance from Senator JB Jennings who proposed to change the bill from banning the procedure to having the Maryland Veterinary Board discourage it, continuously educating vets about the procedure and the ramifications of it on the animals and making the practice a means of last resort for pet owners

Ukrainian Animal Sanctuary Moves Animals To Polish Zoo Due To Constant Shelling

The Zoo Poznan says it is expecting a group of animals from Kyiv, after it had received reports that the animals may have been in danger due to constant shelling by the Russian forces. The zoo confirmed the evacuation on Wednesday through a Facebook post . “We were already losing hope,” Zoo Poznan posted. “(Monday) around 6 p.m., we received tragic news that the transport of animals that we are waiting for on the Polish border was surrounded by Russian tanks. We spent the night waiting for the news, fearing the worst.” The post continues, “Today a miracle has happened! The defenders of Kyiv carried the transport across the occupant's line. They are coming to us! For their safety, we cannot provide more details at this time. Thank you for your support! Our greatest thanks are to the Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Paweł Niemczuk.” Earlier today, the zoo posted an update stating that the animals are still alive. According to the post, the journey is taking longer than usual due to “bom

Woman Who Was Diagnosed With Ovarian Cancer Thanks Pet Dog For Jumping On Her Stomach

A South Tyneside woman has thanked her dog for alerting her to ovarian cancer after pooch jumped on her stomach. 41-year-old Tess Robinson said her chihuahua Lola was acting strangely for weeks becoming “more clingy than usual” and constantly smelling her breath. “For about ten days in the run-up to Christmas in 2020, Lola just wouldn’t leave me alone and kept smelling my breath at every opportunity,” Tess told Chronicle Live . “She was just staring at me which was not normal. Someone even asked: 'What's wrong with your dog, why is she just staring at you?'” It wasn't until after seeing her GP in early 2021 that she was convinced Lola was trying to tell her something. “Literally two days after she jumped on my stomach, a lump appeared. I thought that's not good, that shouldn't be there so I made an appointment with my doctor,” Tess told the outlet. “I didn't feel unwell I was just bloated and had a bad back. I looked four months pregnant!” Tess was told ther

James Middleton Just Shared a New Photo of Kate Middleton and Prince William's Puppy

James Middleton just shared a new blog post detailing how to get a new dog. He also wrote about the things he has learnt over the years while owning dog, and shared photos of his pup, that of Kate Middleton, and Prince William to illustrate. “I was 11 when we got our first family dog, Tilly, and I remember all of the feelings of excitement and nervousness like it was yesterday!” he said. This marks the first time James Middleton has ever publicly shared details of Kate Middleton and Prince William four-legged friends that were added to their family last year. One of those dogs was given to Kate and Prince William before their dog Lupo died in November of that year. It's believed that their new pet, whose name has not been publicly shared yet, is one of the three black puppies, the same colour as Lupo. James has since hinted how he helped his sister's family welcome their second dog in his Instagram caption. “Over the years I've helped many friends, family and followers com

‘Super-smart’ Cat Is Caught On Camera Swinging On Handle To Open Door And Let His Friends Indoor

A “super-smart” cat was caught on camera swinging on handle to open door and let his friends indoor. In the video that can be found here , the cat named Silvestro, can be seen jumping up to grab the door handle before swinging on it to open the door for the rest of his gang. The video captured by owner Antonio Bosco outside their front door in Caltanissetta in Sicily, Italy, is the latest kitty adventure on TikTok. Bosco, who shares his country home with his mother and 25 cats said: “We had up to a month ago 24 cats but recently a Siamese stray cat added herself to our clowder of cats making it a 25-strong cat army.” “Silvestro the smart cat is also the undisputed leader and protector of our cats.” “On occasion, our neighbours' cats will try to fight our cats. So that's when Silvestro intervenes and fends them off, many times he comes back with bruises or bites.” “He's a real hero, hence we sometimes sing rather than call his nickname which is ‘Kungu l'eroe’ - a mix of

Three Men Get Prison Time For Posting Dog Attack Films On TikTok

Three men have been sentenced to prison for their roles in TikTok dog attack films. The Blackburn youth court announced that Ryan Hancock, Marcus Leverett, and one other boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were each given prison time after admitting to animal welfare offences. The attack took the lives of cats, badgers, rabbits and birds. According to the RSPCA, the trio targeted animals on the estate they lived on in Burnley and “wildlife in the surrounding area”. Police discovered many images of animal attacks on seized phones from the trio. Hancock admitted 11 offences and was jailed for 18 weeks, Leverett to 12 weeks, while the boy received a 12-month referral order at Blackburn Youth Court. They were banned from keeping animals for 10 years, while Hancock and Leverett were ordered to pay £1,000 in costs by Blackburn magistrates. The RSPCA said Hancock and Leverett were seen encouraging a dog to attack a cat on 17 March. The cat subsequently died from its injuries as its ow

Dramatic Moment US Coast Guard Rescues Man From A Moving Boat After He Was Bitten By Shark

This is the dramatic moment when a fisherman was rescued by US coast guard after shark attack near the Bahamas. In the video, a man was lifted from a moving boat in choppy seas, one arm heavily bound. #BREAKING @USCG Air Station Miami air crews rescued a 51-year-old man, Monday, after he was bitten by a shark while fishing aboard a vessel near #Bimini , #Bahamas . #SearchAndRescue More here: — USCGSoutheast (@USCGSoutheast) February 22, 2022 The coast guard in Miami was contacted on Monday by the crew of “the motor vessel Shear Water”, after the fisher was bitten on the arm by a shark. A helicopter responded to the scene and extracted the 51-year-old. “This was the best possible outcome to a truly terrifying situation,” said Sean Connett, command duty officer at US coast guard district seven, in Miami. “This individual was fortunate a fellow crew member was able to render aid prior to the coast guard’s arrival which allowed for a