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Men With Dogs In Their Dating App Pics Are ‘More Likely To Settle Down’

Fisherman Reels in Record-breaking 7ft Shark off Devon Coast After Hour-long Battle

A fisherman has reeled in a record-breaking 550lb shark in British waters. Simon Davidson, 39, fought for an hour when the porbeagle, which was almost 7ft long and 6ft wide, took his bait. The catch seven miles out from the Devon coast beat the official record of 507lbs - and six people had to hold it down to measure it before throwing it back into the water. The plumber from Kettering, Northamptonshire, said: “My bait got taken and I didn't think it was a big fish because it hadn't started to fight yet.” “Then I reeled it into the side of the boat and it was a real monster.” “Suddenly it took off through the water and pulled around 600 metres of my line and it was a brutal battle to pull it back in.” “It was an hour of agony. You get to the point where your legs and arms are shaking and you just think your body is going to give up.” “When you saw it in the water, you'd think it was a Great White. It's terrifying to think that sharks as huge as that are prowling our wat

Kremlin Releases Photos of Putin's Siberian Fishing Trip

Russian President Vladimir Putin spent several days hiking and fishing in Siberia in early September, the Kremlin said on Sunday as it published pictures of the president on the holiday. A caption under one of the 20 pictures published on the Kremlin web site said the president stopped for a few days in Siberia after a working trip to Russia's Far East in early September. Several days later, in the middle of September Putin said he would have to spend "a few days" in self-isolation after dozens of people in his entourage fell ill with COVID-19. He had to cancel his trip to Tajikistan for a security summit. Putin has cultivated a macho image, appealing to many Russians, and has previously been pictured riding a horse barechested and in sun glasses, as well as carrying a hunting rifle and piloting a fighter jet. This time, his outings were more mundane. The Kremlin published photos of Putin standing in a river and catching a fish, walking through lush meadows and talking to

Angela Merkel Pecked By Parrots At Bird Park

Outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel provided a rare splash of color amid Germany's staid election campaign while visiting a bird park where she posed with half a dozen parrots. Not content with the bird feed on offer, one of the rainbow lorikeets took a peck at the long-time German leader's hand, prompting a theatrical scream from Merkel. Merkel, who is not running for a fifth term, visited the northeastern state of Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania on Thursday to promote the center-right Union bloc's candidate in the constituency she has held since 1990. Germany holds a national election Sunday that will determine the composition of parliament. The strongest party usually ends up leading a new government and will name a new chancellor, who needs to be confirmed by a majority of lawmakers.

Woman Shocked After Figuring Out Her Pet Dog Has Been Blind His Entire Life And She Never Noticed

A UK woman was shocked to learn that the dog she has been living with for almost a year is actually blind. Jane Downes told Southwest News Service (SWNS) that her pet Collie Dave didn’t seem to have any trouble seeing at all or seemed to struggle walking and would even step around puddles. “No one’s got any answers. It’s just a conundrum,” she told SWNS. “It’s just really strange. He’s a blind dog that can see. Maybe it’s a sixth sense, who knows? He had everyone fooled-even me as his owner I was fooled for nine months.” Downes says he adopted Dave in 2020 from an animal rescue and that he “jumped into the back of the car” without any difficulties. While some figured out Dave’s eyes seemed a bit bizarre, for Downes It’s just a beautiful eyes. “On a couple of occasions he walked into things but I put that down to him being a sheepdog who more than likely lived in a barn rather than a house,” she explained.  “He wouldn’t put a foot wrong. He would come back when you called him.” Someone

Woman Screams In Terror As Shark Photobombs Beach Photoshoot In Scary Encounter

A woman fled the water in terror after a shark photobombed her in the water. Kristina Lowe, 18, struck a pose before her beach photoshoot was cut short as a 4ft shark “grazed past her leg”. Horrified by the close call, the student quickly headed towards the shore to avoid the terrifying fin. Luckily, Kristina and her 18-year-old friend Annalea Burr made it back to land safely without sustaining any injuries. While the moment was horrifying at the time, the close shark encounter produced a hilarious snap. In the image above, Kristina bends over from fear with her mouth open wide from screaming. Kristina said: “It was so crazy. This was my first shark encounter.” “My friend was taking photos of me in the water because I wanted some pictures to post on Instagram.” “I felt something rub against my leg. I looked down and I saw what looked like a huge fish. I realised it was a shark then started running.” “As soon as I felt it graze against my leg, I thought 'oh my god, it's a shark&

Muthoni Gitau Says She Just Wants to Be a 'Cat Mum'

Keyan content creator and interior designer, Muthoni Gitau who months ago officially affirmed her separation with long-time lover Nick Neda, has made another shocking revelation that she would not love to have babies rather she just want to be a cat mum. Muthoni in her recent video expressed that though she anticipates a stylish wedding and a happy union, she would not love to have kids, be a mother or even a step mother.  She revealed that she just want to be a cat mother and tour the world with her lover. The media personality said: “I see myself with a partner travelling the world and that ends there”. “I don’t want to give birth, I don’t want to mother…I even don’t want to be a step mum, the only mum I want to be is a cat mum.” Muthoni revealed that this is a decision she took as early as when she was 10 and her parents and family knows and respects her choice. She alleged that the society doesn’t give a woman opportunity to make her own decision when it comes to the issue of mot

Malaysia Locals Rescue Puppy After Being Held By A Wild Monkey For Three Days

Locals in Taman Lestari Putra, Malaysia, last week rescued a puppy who had been grabbed by a monkey and taken to the top of an electricity post. Heart-stopping video released Tuesday shows the moment on September 16 when the two-week-old black and white puppy, now named Saru, was kidnapped and held hostage for three days by a wild monkey. Video filmed by one of the rescuers shows concerned residents surveying the monkey clutching the puppy as it perched in a tree, and trying to work out how to save the tiny dog. They try pelting it with small rocks and wood and finally decide to throw firecrackers on the ground in the hope that the loud noises will scare the monkey. The plan works and the monkey drops the dog, its fall cushioned by the thick undergrowth. Three residents then scramble towards the foliage. One of them manages to find the little puppy in the bushes and passes it back to the others. Onlooker Cherry Lew Yee Lee said: “The puppy looked tired and weary but the monkey did not

Fisherman Finds Rare Shark Egg Floating In Atlantic Ocean

This is every fisherman's dream. After diving to catch octopus in the waters off the Fernando de Noronha archipelago, Erivaldo Alves Silva discovered an extremely rare shark egg floating around 220 miles in the Brazilian coast. Silva, 43, said: “At first I thought it was weird, but I didn't think it was that weird.” “Only after I posted in my Stories did people say it was a rare find. Then, after I realised what people told me, I was really happy.” Silva said that after finding the egg on Tuesday, September 14, he left it in the sea. He added: “I have never seen such a thing in my life. A shark egg, according to biologists, is a very rare find.” Despite being a rare discovery, it was actually the second such shark egg found in the waters off Fernando de Noronha in less than a month in a sign that the local shark population could be growing. The previous sighting was registered by photographer Renato Magalhaes on August 26. According to fisheries engineer Leo Veras, the egg belo

Boy, Two, Is Killed After Being Mauled By Proprietor’s 10 Dogs At Nursery School In Anambra

A two-year-old boy suffered devastating and extensive injuries as he was mauled to death by 10 dogs while visiting a school with his parent for enrollment, according to reports. The prospective pupil, from Anambra, was inside a school in Oyi Local Government Area when he was dragged into a pen on Monday. A resident of the community told Punch that the school owner is Chinedu Oka, a UK returnee fondly called Chinedu Okaa London. According to the resident, “A parent took the child to the school for enrollment on Monday when the incident happened. The owner of the school rears dogs in the school premises, despite the community’s warning against it”. “While the parent of the child was perfecting the documentation and registration of the child, the child wandered off. “On sighting the baby, the dogs rushed at him and dragged him into their pen where about 10 of them devoured the two-year-old boy without any school official on hand to rescue him.” “The Nteje community, where the incident h

Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Covered In Dog Poop

Former US President, Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star has been covered in dog poop. The load was dropped on Thursday September 16 and it was learnt that whoever is behind it won't face any prosecution as it is not vandalism. TMZ reported that Californian laws says someone can only be prosecuted for vandalism if they “deface with graffiti or other inscribed material” or if they damage or destroy someone else's property. The owner of the dog might however be held for violating L.A.'s “pooper scooper law” which requires dog owners to pick up after their pets. Donald Trump's star has suffered lots of vandalism in the last 5 years. James Otis, a member of the famed Otis Elevator fam, vandalized the star with a pickax in 2016 and several times in the years that followed. He pled no contest to vandalism and got community service and a $4,400 fine. He was placed on 3 years probation. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce which manages the Walk of Fame, has always res

‘There's No Way That I'm Not Going To Fight For These Dogs’: How Ryan Fischer Stayed True To His Job On The Night He Was Shot

Lady Gaga's dog walker, Ryan Fischer in an interview with CBS ’ Gayle King explains how he put up a fight for the dogs under his care on the night he was shot. Fischer who was shot at close range while walking Lady Gaga's three French bulldogs in Los Angeles one February evening struggled to protect the dogs from two masked men. “There was no question about that they wanted something from me. I just couldn't believe that they wanted the dogs,” Fischer told King in his first television interview. “There's no way that I'm not going to fight for these dogs,” he added.  Fischer was left fighting for his life. During the struggle, he was thrown against a concrete corner and strangled by one of the men. Fischer grabbed a champagne bottle from his bag and started hitting him. Fischer reached for the dogs being put into the vehicle and that's when he was shot by the other man. The bullet pierced his lung. “I was shot once. But because I was reaching forward it went thro

Meet Lou: Dog With The Longest Ears Measuring 13-Inch

Over the last few days, we have seen different animals becoming the stars of the Guinness World Records 2022 book. Some have broken the record for the fastest 5m on a scooter by a dog and cat , while one particular canine named Lou has succeeded in becoming the dog with the longest ears. Lou is a 3-year-old American dog with the record for Longest Ears on a Dog (Living), according to a release from Guinness. The dog's floppy ears hang real low, with each flap measuring around 13.38 inches in length.  Lou is owned by Paige Olsen. The dog ended up in the running for the record after her owner had some extra time to observe him. Olsen adopted Lou when the pooch was younger. She told Guinness it was love at first sight and that the dog's “extravagantly long” ears factored into the decision to bring the pet home. While Lou's ears didn't go unnoticed, Olsen, a veterinary technician, didn't measure the appendages until the pandemic, when she had more time to marvel at he

Girl, 10, Donates Everything She Made From Selling Art And Crafts To Service Dog Organisation

The pandemic has taken a heavy toll on the service dog community, delaying the training of dogs and the process of matching them with people living with disabilities. Sadly, many service dog trainers were unavailable during the lockdown, raising the cost of training. This also drained the purses of many  service dog organisations. However, there are still people out there who are doing their best to support what the service dog organisations are doing in these hard times. One of such individuals is Evelyn Knight. The young entrepreneur has given away all what she earned in 3 years to the service dog organization Canine Companions. The 10-year-old girl is one of the most generous entrepreneurs with a heart of gold, whose arts and crafts have been sold on Facebook in the last three years. She has already raised more than $10,000 and demonstrated to the world that using money to solve societal issues bigger than oneself is a way to take the concept of money and change human consciousness

Fire Burns To Death At Least 20 Cats Trapped In Florida Animal Shelter

Dozens of cats died after a fire broke out in an animal shelter in Florida, according to the Orange County Fire Rescue . At least 20 cats were killed in the blaze which broke out at Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando in late night of Wednesday. Firefighters were however able to rescue all the dogs after battling the massive fire through the roof in the building upon arrival. The cause of the fire which damaged at least half of the building is unknown. “If you run a shelter, this is literally your worst nightmare,” Stephen Bardy, the executive director of Pet Alliance, told NBC 8 Orlando . “To see your building in fire and know that there are animals in there that you’re charged to care for and you can’t go in. ...I’m grateful that the firefighters put their lives at risk to help save as many as they could.” Bardy said while all the dogs were saved and 10 cats were pulled from the building, the belief is that the shelter lost between 20 to 30 cats in the fire. The fire likely started near

Cristiano Ronaldo Moves To Another Mansion After Bleating Sheep Kept Waking Him Up At Night

A report has revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo and his family have switched mansions after bleating sheep kept waking them up. Manchester United’s new signing, 36, who loves his rest between matches, has moved from one seven-bed home to another. According to the Sun , Ronaldo escaped his baaing woe by moving into a £3million seven-bed owned by a former Man United star. A security team had whisked the Man Utd legend and his family to a £6million home in 23 acres days after sealing his return to United. But the striker, partner Georgina Rodriguez, 27, and their four children moved out after less than a week due to the racket from sheep and security fears. A source said: “While the property is beautiful and is nestled in rolling fields and woodland, it was also close to sheep which are very noisy early in the morning.” “It had a public footpath across the land and the road at the front gave a view inside its gates.” “Ronaldo is a true pro who places a lot on rest and recovery after games, s

Turkish Owners, Researchers Slam Study Claiming Van Cats Are Aggressive

A recent study that claimed Van cat is one of the most aggressive and least sociable types of cats in the world has been criticized by researchers and people in Turkey. The study published in the journal Animal , surveyed the personalities and behaviours of more than 4,300 cats from 26 different breeds in Finland and concluded that the Russian Blues are the most fearful cat breeds, while the Turkish Vans are the most aggressive. Professor Abdullah Kaya, the head of Van Cat Research Centre in province’s Yüzüncü Yıl University (YYÜ) who has spent almost two decades studying the cat breed stated that the Finnish study is rooted on insufficient data and it is as well limited to Finland alone, wondering “how many cats were there.” “I certainly respect the results of a comprehensive study but this study is lacking. It is incorrect to describe the Van cat as the most aggressive breed without proper knowledge of the Van cat’s features”, Kaya said. Kaya stated that Van cats establish “an emotio

Lollipop And Sashimi Break Guinness World Records For Fastest 5m On A Scooter By A Dog And Cat (Pair)

An unlikely pair has broken the record for the fastest 5m on a scooter by a dog and cat (pair) with a time of 4.37 seconds, becoming two of the stars of the Guinness World Records 2022 book. Sashimi (a 7- year-old Bengal cat) and Lollipop (a 5-year-old Boston Terrier) from Ontario, Canada have been playing together, training together and, most surprisingly, scooting around together ever since they were a puppy and kitten. According to their owner Melissa Millett, Sashimi won’t train with the other cats, preferring Lollipop’s company, while Lollipop won’t share her equipment with any other animal. The 40-year-old professional dog trainer from Ontario said: “Lollipop and Sashimi both enjoyed the scooter alone and it had never occurred to me that they would ride it together.” “She loves working, learning new tricks and mental stimulation”, Melissa described Sashimi. Sashimi loves hiking and is never afraid to challenge her bigger friends. If you’re lucky, you might catch her playing the p

Petey, An ‘Extra Small’ Pup Wins Annual Surfing Dog Contest in California

There is a saying that a ship's strength is not in its size, but in its ability to sail against the tides, and based on the result of the just concluded 16th Annual Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon contest, it seems it is true. This is because an “Extra small” dog out rides big dogs in the contest that took place in Del Mar, California on Sunday  with more than 2500 dog loving fans cheering them on. At the event, a Scotty dog named Petey, won the “Best in Surf “ title of the dog surfing competition held at the Helen Woodward Animal Centre in California.  “Best in Surf” is a title given to the Surf-a-Thon’s best canine surfer alongside a medal.  The second and third positions went to bigger dogs Derby the rescue Goldendoodle and Bulldog Rothstein respectively. During the contest, judges awarded points based on a variety of skills including how long they are able to surf for, their confidence on the board and creativity displayed on the board. The welfare organization marked this year event wit

Guide Dog Sparks Argument Between Uber Driver And Visually Impaired Passenger Until A Passerby Intervenes

Shocking video has shown the moment the size of a guide dog led to an argument between an Uber driver and his visually impaired passenger until a passerby intervened. Guide dogs usually lead blind or visually impaired people around obstacles, but a footage uploaded to Twitter on September 12, showed a passenger asking an Uber driver why he would not let his dog in his car, despite being legally required to accept guide dogs. The shocking incident all happened when Stephen Anderson, who is visually impaired, was at Harrow on the Hill station in London with his guide dog Barney trying to get an Uber, only to be refused by the driver.  The Uber driver said that he only allowed small dogs in his car and claimed Barney was too ‘big’, despite Mr Anderson's insistence that he was a guide dog. In the clip which can be found here , Mr Anderson asks the driver: “I'm not quite following you. I've just explained to you that he is a guide dog, so that's fine?” But the driver says “

Woman Holding Dog’s Leash Dragged To Death By San Francisco Train

A woman who boarded a BART train with a leashed dog was dragged to her death after briefly stepping off the train at the platform and being tethered to the animal when the doors closed and the train pulled away, authorities said. The fatal accident occurred at 3:16 p.m. Monday, just after the woman boarded an Oakland-bound train at San Francisco’s Powell Street station with her dog. “Then at the very last second, right as the doors were closing, she fully off-boarded the train, clearing the doors, and the dog did not,” the Bay Area Rapid Transit agency said in a statement. “She appeared to be waving at someone. The train departed with the dog inside the train, and the woman was dragged and pulled into the track.” The dog was not injured. The only animals allowed on the BART system on a leash are service dogs trained to work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. In the statement, the agency said, “There was no visual indication the dog was a service animal, but it is und