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Woman Gets Dragged For Mocking Boyfriend Who Calls Kittens His ‘Babies’

An ongoing drama between a woman and her boyfriend is getting lot of negative attention on social media.

Woman Gets Dragged For Mocking Boyfriend Who Calls Kittens His ‘Babies’

Redditors have been particularly vocal about their displeasure with the woman who mocked her boyfriend for calling his kittens “my babies.”

According to u/KittyKaty5509, who posted his story to Reddit's infamous “AmITheA**hole” forum, he has been taking care of cats since he was a teenager, and overall has been a “cat dad” to over nine cats.

He says his girlfriend loves his cat named Lilly, but doesn't love that the pet sleeps in bed. She finds that, as well as other “behaviours” weird.

Lilly recently gave birth to some kittens. He decided to post a picture of the animals on social media and got many likes.

Narrating on the ordeal to decide if he was in the wrong, u/KittyKaty5509 told the forum users: “When my girlfriend saw it she picked a fight with me calling it cringe that I constantly refer to these kittens as my babies. She told me it's just weird and lowkey creepy. I told her I call myself that because I'm the one taking care of them; like a parent and a child.”

“She said that it's creepy and that unless I impregnated Lilly then I should knock it off. I was dumbfounded I said she's being ridiculous and refused to even talk about this anymore not now not ever. She threw a fit then went to stay with one of her friends,” he continued.

The friend his girlfriend was staying with told him to do what the girlfriend wanted to “keep the peace.” He argued that he didn't do anything wrong. She also believes that he is “inconsiderate” for leaving the post up, knowing how much it's making her “uncomfortable.”

Redditors were quick to defend the “cat dad.”

“I'm a tattooed son of a b**ch with a red neck beard and a hick accent. I'm also a cat dad and have no shame saying it. They are my babies. I'm never having kids and these fluffy bast**ds are my biggest joy. Your gf can take her toxic gender standards elsewhere. [Not the A**hole],” u/Umbrata_Mortis wrote, receiving the top comment with over 21,000 upvotes.

“[Not the A**hole], keep the kittens, ditch the GF,” u/SandBrilliant2675 exclaimed.

U/Rohini_rambles said, “I have never heard anyone say that calling yourself catdad means you impregnated the cat. She sounds jealous of the affections directed towards the cats. But for reals, she sounds like the kind who eventually says 'it's the cat or me' and then is all Surprised-pikachu face when you choose to take care of your pets.”

“[Not the A**hole] at all, I don't know of any pet owners that don't refer to their pets as their babies. I personally think your girlfriend is the weird one to be so insulted by such a harmless thing,” u/EdmonCaradoc wrote.