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Dog's Ferocious Flatulence Has Internet In Stitches: ‘Fart Of The Day’

A dog has become an internet sensation for his constant habit of unleashing ferocious flatulence while striking a yoga pose.

Dog's Ferocious Flatulence Has Internet In Stitches: ‘Fart Of The Day’

Rowland, a Great Dane, has gained the adoration of fans online after his owner shared a series of videos detailing the pooch’s “Fart of the day”.

“I think Roland brings joy to people with his interesting talent,” owner Nicki Deutsch, 48, told Jam Press of her doggo’s odiferous wind-breaking, which she documents on a TikTok page called “rolandthefartingdog”.

One of the clips which can be found here has over 5.7 million views and shows the black-and-white pooch adopting a downward dog pose with his front paws down while rumping high in the air. He then lets loose so loud it could’ve been a sound effect in a movie.

Deutsch, who’s a stay-at-home mom, adopted Roland in 2020. One year later, the pooch fell mysteriously ill, whereupon doctors later discovered that the Dane had eaten a cat toy, which apparently affected his gut something fierce.

Rowland the farting dog and Owner

“The toy was blocking his intestines, which did some damage and some had to be removed,” said Deutsch. “We tried different kinds of food to get him to eat until we found the right one, which we added dry kibble to.”

Roland, fortunately, survived the ordeal but apparently was left with a peculiar side effect: galaxy-destroying gassers.

“For the first time since we got him, he finally had solid poo – but the downside was that he started farting,” lamented the dog mom. “They usually happen in the afternoon when he gets up from sleeping and he will always do a ‘downward dog’ yoga stretch before letting them out.”

Fortunately, she decided to make the best out of a stinky situation and share Roland’s smelly skill on TikTok.

“Within a week or two, he went viral – so I started doing a daily fart because it was funny,” Deutsch said.

Indeed, many viewers were in stitches over Roland’s epic wind-breaking, with one writing on a video, “That fart got sucked up and let out real quick.” Another person added: “I gasped so hard.”

“My partner’s dog farted coughed gave us stink eye and left the room as we choked,” someone else wrote. Another wrote: “I’m crying so hard! My belly hurts, I can’t stop laughing.”

“My Great Dane does that too,” one commenter added.

“It’s fun to read the comments about people having a bad day and that my dog is making them laugh,” exclaimed Deutsch.