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Woman Attacked By Bear While Out For A Late Evening Walk In DeBary

A woman was injured last week when a bear attacked her as she walked her dog in her neighborhood.

Woman Attacked By Bear While Out For A Late Evening Walk In DeBary

The woman, who identified herself as Aydee, was walking her dog in Debary at about 9 p.m. Thursday when she encountered a mother black bear. As Aydee attempted to flee with her dog, the black bear chased her and began clawing at her. 

“When I realized it, she got me here,” Aydee told Fox 35 of the large laceration on the left side of her face and forehead. “I took off running, and she came running behind me.”

Aydee was able to alert her neighbor, who called for help. Her dog was uninjured in the encounter.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) responded to the scene and located the mother black bear and her three yearlings in a nearby tree, according to a press release. As the cubs were old enough to survive, they were left on their own. But the FWC euthanized the mother bear that attacked Aydee “per the FWC policy to protect public safety.”

According to Fox 35, some neighbors were upset by the decision to euthanize the bear, who neighbors say has frequented the neighborhood for about seven years without issue.

Meanwhile, Aydee believes the FWC should have relocated the younger bears, as well.

“I’m an animal lover too, but those are not my friends,” said Aydee. “She was trespassing at my house. I was not in her territory. Two more years and we will be in the same boat.”