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Swimmers Stranded As Great White Shark Cruises Past Popular Jumping Spot In Esperance

Video footage has shown moment a great white shark prowls around a popular jumping spot in Esperance where a group of swimmers were stranded.

Swimmers Stranded As Large White Shark Cruises Past Popular Jumping Spot In Esperance

In footage shared here by ABC, the five swimmers had swum out to a large rock off the coast of Western Australia but spotted a large great white shark lurking in the water below.

An alarm was quickly sounded to warn swimmers on the shore and a few of those on the island were able to dash to Twilight Beach, at Esperance.

Chilling aerial footage shows the gigantic shark swimming leisurely past the island, oblivious to the panic that had caused.

According to a local resident Barry Graham who was at Twilight Beach at the time, some people  on the rock decided to make a dash back to shore, swimming when they thought the coast was clear.

“It was crazy,” he said.

Two others who decided to stay on the rock had to be rescued by the Esperance Goldfields Surf Life Saving Club.

Dane Holdman, from the club’s emergency response team, and another crew member pulled their inflatable rescue boat up to the rock and the two stranded men were able to step in and get a ride back to shore.

“Personally, I probably wouldn't have gone in the water, just being the fact there is a shark and there are surf lifesaving members on their way to assist,” he said.

He said this is not the first time that people have been rescued off the rock because of the local wildlife.

Since 2017, three people have been killed by sharks in the Esperance area.

While some continue to call for the government to take stronger action when it comes to shark mitigation, a new shark barrier and a safe swimming area at the town's foreshore have been popular since they opened last month.

It has been a busy summer for the surf lifesaving club, even though Twilight Beach is formally patrolled only one day a week.

Mr Holdman helped pull two people out of a rip, a day before the shark incident.

“I was actually doing maintenance at the surf club on our rescue equipment,” he said.

“I was able to get the rescue board ... to retrieve both patients.”

“Luckily as well there was a member of the public who had a body board, [it took] a lot of courage [but] they were able to also assist, which was greatly appreciated on my behalf to get both people back to shore safely.”

He then gave oxygen therapy to one of the rescued people and both were treated for shock.

On Monday, just around the corner from Twilight, another tourist nearly drowned at Dolphins Cove before being rescued.

He was transported to Esperance Hospital where he stayed overnight before being discharged.

Mr Holdman said over just three days at Christmas, the surf lifesaving club performed 28 rescues and more than 180 “preventative actions”, which included warning people they were in danger.

He urged people to check safety signs when they arrive at beaches, tell someone before they go to the beach, to take care when walking on rocks and to wear a life jacket when doing so.