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Man Finds 'Hidden Spy Camera' Inside A Box Of Cat Food

A man was completely baffled after he discovered a ‘hidden spy camera’ attached to a box of cat food.

Man Finds 'Hidden Spy Camera' Attached To A Box Of Cat Food

Yes, there was a device for covert espionage stuck into a box full of Purina Gourmet.

Obviously, the man who found it – who wishes to remain anonymous – has absolutely no idea how it got there, or more importantly, why.

He just popped down to the shops to pick up some chow for his two cats, Goliath and Lilliput, and after he returned home he put the food in the cupboard and just left it there.

However, a few days later his girlfriend went to get the food for their pets and noticed that there was a hole in the box.

Upon inspection, they claim that they found a camera and a transmitter stashed away inside it.

As it stands, he’s been unable to recover any footage from the camera, but the important question seems to be why and how it got there in the first instance.

Apparently, the camera had been inserted into the box and hidden within then packaging in such a way that it looked closed.

The man bought the cat food from Welcome, a franchise of the Co-op, who are ‘concerned’ about the discovery.

The anonymous man told the Mirror: “The weirdest thing is I didn't notice when I bought it. I went to the Co-op in Crystal Palace and just grabbed it off the shelf for the cats.”

“Yesterday evening my girlfriend was getting it out of the cupboard and she was like, 'what is this?'”

“At first, we couldn't figure out what it was, then we realised there was clearly a camera coming out the cat's head.”

“It's kinda thrown us really.”

“I went back and looked at where that shelf was, where the cat food would have been, and most of that rack faces a bunch of bottled water but it kinda faces into a stock room area.”

He has three theories – it was planted in the Purina factory, in the shop to keep an eye on staff, or by someone looking to scope out something dodgy.

He continued: “In the box, there was a camera, and a kind of box which is the mechanism of the camera, then a transmitter. So, I think you'd have to be close, they have to be attached to a Wi-Fi network.”

“Also, there wasn't a battery in it. I plugged it into a USB, and I don't think it holds a charge, and there wasn't a battery in it.”

“I think it broadcasts to something, it doesn't store data, but it didn't seem to have any power. Maybe it can hold a charge, I could be wrong. I don't know, it's very strange.”

“I guess anything could be the truth, whatever the answer is it's odd - if it's in the cat food factory, why would they have let it be sold? If it was done by the Co-op, why was it left on the shelf, if it was a member of the public, why would they do it?”

“We were kinda scared of it, I'm keeping it because I think it's cool, it's in the cupboard facing the wall at the minute.”

“If you were going to put a spy camera in something, why would you put it in cat food, because that's something that you just put in the cupboard so it won't see anything.”

“And why didn't they hide the camera in the cat's eye? It's quite an artless delivery, whoever's done this.”

A spokesperson for Welcome Central Hill said: “We are extremely concerned by this and grateful that it has been brought to our attention.”

“The cat food is located opposite the door to our office so it could be a serious security issue.”

“We would invite the customer to talk to us directly so we can investigate this further and, if necessary, speak to the police.”

Purina said: “We would invite the customer to talk to us directly so we can investigate this further and, if necessary, speak to the police.”