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Men With Dogs In Their Dating App Pics Are ‘More Likely To Settle Down’

Andrew Cuomo Spotted With His Dog In Long Island For First Time Since Leaving Office

Former governor of New York Andrew Cuomo has been seen on Instagram sharing the photos of his dog Captain while on a fishing trip.
Andrew Cuomo Spotted In Long Island
Cuomo, 63, revealed Tuesday that he’s been hanging out with one of the few pals he still has left.

This is the first time he has been spotted with his dog following the sexual harassment scandal that forced him out of office in August.

“The fall bass run is coming and Captain is ready” the disgraced ex governor captioned the photo.

The photos revealed the Siberian husky mix licking his face with the duo gazing at each other as both relaxed on a boat in waters off Long Island, a source revealed. It was clear from the pictures that the duo was on a fishing trip.

A report has it that Cuomo tried to get rid of his dog, Captain following his resignation. He left him behind at the Executive Mansion in Albany following his humiliating resignation in August.

When Cuomo was leaving the Mansion, he ask his staffers if anyone is willing to take the dog and one volunteered, but the dog who has history of biting was returned days later, the Albany Times Union reported.

Cuomo denied the claim with a tweet saying “Captain and I are a man and his Dog”.

Cuomo spokesperson, Rich Azzopardi, insisted that Captain is part of the ex governor’s family and they are inseparable. 

“Captain is part of the governor’s family, remains with him, and those reports he was trying to give him away were just not true,” Azzopardi said.

Someone volunteered to keep an eye on him for the meantime as the transition is going on and it somehow “morphed into a silly political firestorm.”

All the reactions to Cuomo’s photo pointed towards his sexual misconduct. He was alleged to have sexually harassed a much younger staffer, Brittany Commiso, inside his Executive Mansion office last year.

“Will you be groping this bass too?” wrote instragram user @hammsringzzz1002.

Another user, @marlene.om1953, added, “Sweet, that’s one you won’t get in trouble for grabbing.”

Commisso’s  allegation against Cuomo are the subject of a criminal investigation in Albany, and investigators in four different jurisdiction are testing occurrences portrayed in a report delivered by Attorney General Letitia James.

Cuomo has been in hiding for over a month, he was last seen on Aug. 22 during a briefing at Tropical Storm Henri, a day before he left office.

Cuomo packed his belongings out of the Executive Mansion to his sister's house. 

Sources revealed that he has been crashing at his friend Jeffre Sach’s Southampton home, a health care consultant and a long time pal who also harbored the ex governor when he had issues with his wife, Kerry Kennedy.